Thursday, June 12, 2008

Info, Miscellaneous, Nonsense Post

(26 days until my beach vacation!)

So, today is slow. I have plans. Big plans. Okay, not really big but I have a list of several things I want to do:

1. Find my art room & desk under the mess.
2. Laundry.
3. List Ebay Stuff.
4. Work on a project for next week's Creative Therapy challenge.
5. Keep pretending I'm not coming down with a cold.
6. Pull out the huge (about 2' x 4') old old painting with interesting frame that I saved from this house when we moved in 13 years ago. I think its from the 60s by some great artist, Anton Gutknecht (don't worry, its a reproduction copy.) Gonna paint over it. I'll show you progress of it as I progress.

The other day, dd brought me this berry of sorts. We don't really know if its a wild strawberry or a raspberry. Either way, isn't it beautiful with all the seeds poking out?!

DH had the idea to put a wheelbarrow under a part of the gutter that was bent during the torrential downpour we had on Monday night. It filled right up with water but the wheel on the wheelbarrow promptly popped. He had to empty it by hand/bucket and when he would throw the water out into the yard, it make the trees sparkle so. I took a pic while he threw it. All the 'white' is actually water. It looks like tiny diamonds raining from the trees. The 3rd pic is a pretty pic of our jungle aka: yard.

Word of the Day:
When my children are being ornery, I laughingly call them a winchel. When my DH does something that annoys me, he's a winchel. When the dog is chewing on my toes, winchel. Winchel, not to be confused with a 'wencher' who "c
onsorts with lewd women" or a "wenzel" who were "1361–1419 king of Germany & Holy Roman emperor (1378–1400) & (as Wenceslas IV) king of Bohemia (1378–1419)". Nor is it 'wincher' which is actually a verb to "hoist or haul with or as if with a winch". Everytime I say it though I think of the older Winchells donut franchise we used to have when I lived in NY I think. Yum! Now I'm making myself hungry.

Today I was sitting here just minding my own business when what sounded like a baseball hit my back window door. Being the freaky scaredy cat that I am, I ran to close it like it was some robber warning me that he was getting ready to come in (see? irrational too.) The noise ends up being caused by a bird who needs bifocals I guess. She ran right into my window, poor thing. I went to check on her and she was flopping around, laying sideways. We thought she was going to die. So what do I do? Go poke at her. Trying to prompt her to fly. She looked like her wing was injured. However, after about an hour of resting, hopping a bit into the yard, we guess she flew away. We can't find her anymore, and the dog is inside. Hopefully she made her wings work.

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Tomorrow: Art Books of Interest. Do you have favorites?


Rachelle said...

Great pictures of your yard - the one in the middle with the sunlight streaming through it reminds me of a piece of art by a digital artist I love, called Satori.

Yours is the live-action version - VERY pretty!

Contessa Kris said...

What a beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing it Rachelle.