Friday, September 14, 2007

'Fall' For a Freebie...

Do you feel the fall creeping in? Not sure what part the world you're in, but here in the USA Midwest its a tad chilly. It's been wonderful all week, last week was hot, today my toes are freezing. Makes me want to whip out supplies to make halloween goodies and Christmas cards.

Alas, we're as busy as beavers here, homeschool, ebay and normal life taking its chunk of time. Haven't had much of a moment for art. I did complete a few sets of ATCs for swaps (discovered I can draw/copy a bit) and my latest page in someone's altered book (from the club I attend... can you guess who/what I was inspired by last week while completing the altered book page? lol)

(topics: vikings, whimsy, Dr. Seuss)

14 yr old DD also joined in on the Dr. Seuss swap. I think she did fabulous!

Today we're heading off to a homeschool picnic we thought it would be hot for. Now I have to find my sweater!

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