Friday, January 01, 2010

I Can-Can, Can You?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Okay, so it wasn't the Can-Can, instead, the Conga. But I did see a few feet kicks happening around the bend. Last night's party with friends was wonderful. Lots of free flowing food and sparkling cider, laughter from adults and crying from sleepy children rounded out a great evening. After the nervous pup pup calmed down and didn't scare the children with barking, all was good.

I firmly believe how ever you start out your new year can be the beginning of how your year is going to go. I'm going to completely ignore the fact that I've only eaten M&Ms and Doritos all day but someone has to get rid of the junk! Back to Low Carb tomorrow. Starting the year out with friends is always a good start. I'd say all in all it was a successful 2009 year. A couple of highlights:

1. I lost 50 lbs. This is a huge accomplishment and one I plan to repeat in the new year.
2. The teen had her first semester of college simultaneously with her homeschooling. Not the best experience but I'm hoping this coming year will be a strong finish to her homeschooling days. She graduates in May. Cross your fingers and say a little prayer.
3. DH ran his first marathon. At Disneyworld through all the parks, In January. He's planning on getting back to the running again this month.
4. The little one has really blossomed. Growing taller, likes to wear a bit of makeup and straighten her hair. She's growing up before my very eyes.
5. DH took a new job after years at a dead-end one. And it has FULL benefits! Hallelujah!

6. I've been getting semi-organized. I'll admit, the new art room downstairs is not finished by any stretch of the imagination. But to be fair, it IS out of my dining room and on its way to being the best place to do art with everything having a set place to be stored. I'm looking forward to its completion.
7. We spent quite a few times in the ER this year with asthma attacks, ankle sprains and even a stint in the hospital for the teen's MRSA hand surgery. We are very thankful that everyone is doing well now. I even got the vents cleaned out (Yes, mother after 15 years.) So I'm hoping that helps with the allergies/asthma.
8. This has been the year of new/renew. New furniture, new electronics, fixing our house up, making repairs (many more to come in the spring), taking pride in where we live. It's a start. Now its time to have people over more often. I'M even starting to like our house. lol
9. Artistically I started out the year with a bang and ended with a fizzle. I plan to make goals this year of art I want to accomplish and to stick with it. I received a new camera for Christmas and thought I would make the goal of  posting a picture a day. I started a blog just for this purpose. 365OrMore.

10. We're very thankful for a faithful God who forgives, loving family, loyal friends, working cars, funny children, a boyfriend of our teen's that we actually like. These are important things! lol

Looking forward to a new year of possibilities, accomplishments and triumphs. Dh has resolved to kiss me at least 10 time each day. I am definitely going to hold him to that! lol

Happy New Year to all of you.