Friday, June 30, 2006

Blog Love, Books Club, Creations & Vacation!

Thank you so much to those who posted on my blog and made me feel all warm and fuzzy. It's always nice to hear from others and I was blatantly being a whiny butt, wasn't I?! I've loved reading everyone's comments and I'm going to look at everyone else's blogs this weekend!

I snuck in a final book club this evening before our trip (see below). We had a great time eating and discussing. The book Falling Leaves really made me mad. I hated the way the girl's family treated her. I seriously think they were insane or something. *eyeroll* I'm looking forward to our next book 'Watership Down'. Sounds interesting. After the meeting, I was given a tour of the hostess's house. She is a fabulous artist and every wall is graced with a gorgeous creation, you just want to go up and touch them. There were oil paintings, mono prints and collages. THEN, she took me, Lisa and Trish to see her art room. I drooled I think. I love it there! Built in wooden long wide drawers to store stuff, unfinished projects sitting there like eye candy and an 'ideas' wall with inspiration galore. She also showed us the book about her China trip she has been working on. Little works of art on each page in oils, watercolors and markers. Fabulous!!

Trish is begging for pics of some projects I finished up so I'm posting them for her (and anyone else who wants to take a gander.)

First two are the last catalog cards for the swap I was in with the AlteredArtSwaps Yahoo Group.

These are the 'pocket fairies' I made for the BMuse Yahoo Group. Please meet my girls 'Feather', Gertrude', 'India' and 'Lacey'. (CLICK FOR CLOSEUP, and open your screen up.)

Here are some cards I made for the Art By Moonlight DT using ABM stamps and collage sheets (made 3 cards, 2 ATCs):

It's VACATION TIME! We're hitting the open road! Traveling across country! I can't wait! We're going to my parents house for several weeks. I've packed until my brain hurts from mental list making and crossing off. I carefully picked out art supplies, stamping stuff and fabric for quilting. I have ordered DVDS, books on CD and art books from the library for our trip. I have also packed clothes, snacks and more stuff that I can count. I'm done. We leave in the morning. Never fear, I will be blogging from GA. I'll just be more relaxed doing it...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

*sigh* I can see I'm back to talking to myself. No comments left on my blog, barely any visits this week. No one loves me. I guess I'll keep on eating worms (remember that song from when you were a kid?! ha) See... this is what happens when you just start chatting away and not posting new creations. People come visit and see that you're just talking to yourself and say 'BAHHHH! She's just talking to herself. Give me the goods!" People want work, they want creations, they crave inspiration! ha Well, I'm surrounded by piles and piles and my DD is to blame. She said this room would only take 2 days to organize. And she deserted me after day 1. As I sorted stuff I got sidetracked by ebay and putting stuff up for sale. Then I was bogged down in blog land when I get tired of organizing. And then for a brief time this evening, in an attempt to avoid doing anymore work in the art room, I was watching game shows on TV and scheduling future tapings of said game shows. I guess for times such as these. *eyeroll* So.... short story LONG... I haven't been creating this week and I'm feeling withdrawls. Do you ever feel like that? Oh yeah, I forgot I'm talking to the wall. Hopefully the wall isn't withdrawing or I have a huge house foundation problem! ha Cracking myself up here, probably because it's 330 AM!!!

Okay, where was? Can't remember why I was blogging in the first place. I really need to find a friend who is up at 330 am central time so I don't sit here talking to myself all the time. Oh yeah, I was going to list all the new blogs I've been stalking... I'm too tired now. I'll list a few and you can read their highly mesmerizing writing and then come back another day and I'll have some more for you. *wink*
** Explanation first. I've been on a fabric making something kick lately (you remember the ill-fated Ed-iphant I spoke about...), so I've been looking at other fabric based blogs. Fun!
Wee Wonderfuls - adorable little animals and other fabulous creations. She just printed her own fabric!
Hop Skip Jump - some of the cutest bitty animals you ever did see!
Moopy & Me - Oh my word. I'm in heaven there!
RosiePosie - adorable drawings, sweetest little fluffy things she makes.

SouleMama - yummy creations and scroll down; she's making totes out of vintage CURTAINS! Where is my sewing machine?! I have to do that!

Imagine This - It's all yummy!
OneSundayAfternoon - great read
Anahata Katkin - SO inspiring. Can I be her when I grow up?
Green Frog Studio - I'm sure you know all about Celine Navarro, but I had to share her blog.
Art-E-Cats - Great reading, funny. Wonderful art too.
RagTags - good read

For your viewing pleasure if you have nothing else to do and you've read this far... I found several pics while I was organizing.
1 - Me at age 5, winning a ten speed bike. I was so cool!
2 - My 13 year old DD when she was 2 or so. This was before she had much hair, you see. Not like NOW, where she has all manner of dyed hairs. Ahhh, how they group up fast!
3 - My little 23 year old brother when he was like 1. I want a hat like that!
4 - Picture of said DD when she was a baby and my 23 year old brother was maybe 9? Such a good uncle...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Selling On Ebay...

I listed several things on ebay (no handmade items yet, I'll get to that this week.) It's supplies I'm getting rid of. I'll be adding to it all week as time allows, plus items I've altered, etc...

EDITED: Okay, I lied. I listed one handmade thing. I was in a swap and had 2 spots so I rec'd duplicates of every page topper/sider. I thought I would list one set, and I'm keeping the other set. 4 of them were made by me (pic below of all 24.)

I'm broke and need money for a couple summer trips. *wink* Go look. Please buy if you need any of it. Holler if you have questions...

My Ebay ID is: Homeschool-Of-Fish


(Dad & Mom)

Today is a day for dads. To me, a dad is more a man who leaves a good impression on a child's life. You can be someone's dad and do a whole heck of a lot to NOT earn that title. I've been blessed with a father, who, my whole life has been a quiet source of strength for me. He may be from the generation of not showing too many emotions, etc... but I know I can call him with questions and he'll answer. I like that. Because as much as I like to pretend I know everything, I have no clue how to cook a roast or change the furnace filter. Seriously. It would scary if I did either without calling dad. Dad, if I don't tell you enough... I love you dearly. You make mom happy, which is hugely important to me. You invented the Riddle smirk and I love when your eyes get red rimmed when your emotions get the best of you. You hugs are very important to me, as well as the times you answer my 'I love you' with a 'well, I love you too.' Greatest words in the world. I'm glad my children are growing up knowing you. They always consider themselves 'special' when you take them out with you when you do your saturday errands or when you buy chocolate covered raisins just for the two of you. We miss seeing you everyday but hoping to come down to GA real soon. Warm up the pans, I need some of 'daddy's roast & potatoes!' ha

(Ed & Girls)

I couldn't quit this blog entry without a note about DH Ed. Life is a learning experience isn't it. I've known you since I was 13 and you 15. We were kids then. Who knew we would grow up, get married and have adorable kids? Not I. I distinctly remember signing a paper that said I would never get married, as did you (my mother's idea of fun! *eyeroll*).These last 13 years of being parents I have watched you grow from a 'boy' looking like he is holding a foreign object in his arms (aka: your new DD) to a man who easily converses with his children, spends time with them, shares the same interests and loves his children dearly. Who could ask for a better dad? If you're involved in their lives, how can it be bad? We're going to make it through the teen years, I'm almost positive. I love you dearly, more than you can imagine. Keep plugging along. We'll get this parenting thing down by the time they move out I'm sure. Love you.

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Slice of Life...

Of MY life. If you reallly must know, I'm sitting here in my shoes, nightgown and jester hat, singing This Guys In Love With You by Herb Albert. Don't Ask. Ohh... you asked. Shoot. Okay, well. I've been in my PJs all day. Yes, seriously. All day. I put on my shoes to head to the basement to do laundry. YES MOM, I DO LAUNDRY! (yelling so she can hear me in Georgia, you understand.) DH was surprised I went down into the dungeon to do laundry as well. I told him to bug off. But I digress... I'm hooked on streaming 'The Best of the 60s' music on my computer and Herb Albert was singing to me. Also just sang along to 'Going To The Chapel' my favorite song to sing with mom.

The jester hat. Well... I'm weird like that. I have this unusual obsession about wearing something to create. It used to be my DD's dress up crowns until they were left out on her floor one too many times and got stepped on by big footed DH. Then it was a crown I got at my first forum crop with local scrapbookers. On Sunday, as I said, we had another crop and I came home with a jester hat. It's my new head attire. I've been organizing my art room all afternoon and I just feel productive wearing it. Plus it has adorable tinkling bells on each triangle thingie. Okay, so there is a slice of my life. Tell me a piece of yours.

Oh wait! I was gonna (is that proper english?) tell you what I've done since my last post!

** taps foot, thinking... **
** drums fingers, picks lip **
** removes sweaty foam crown off of head to think better **
** realize I have most of NOTHING to report **

Well, I did go to quilting class on Monday.. Wallhanging I'm quilting is coming along nicely. Tore apart my whole art room at DD's insistence that is was 'just a 2 day job'. WHATEVER! Its 5 days later and I'm still working. SHEESH. *eyeroll* Hand sewed an 'Edi-phant'. I don't like him. I had no beans for his bum and he keeps tipping over. *sigh* Story of my life. Best thing that happened to me this week was I've been blog-surfing and found some fabulous new blogs to share. I'll put together a list for my next post. OHH! I cropped with friends last night. Fun times.

Catalog cards I worked on last night. One is a repeat from below except I added a fuzzy hat. EVERYONE should have a hat! *wink*

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Week's Worth of Catch Up...

Gosh, so much has been going on this past week. DD was at church camp so young DD and I did a lot together include $1 movies, popcorn and DH set up a big pool in the backyard. Lots of fun going on, lots of chigger bites everywhere.

I read 2 books this week, all while working on art projects to complete. Falling Leaves and Memoirs of a Geisha. 'Falling Leaves' was for my afore mentioned book club. It's a good read. Just makes you realize what a NORMAL pretty good life you have (at least for me.) That girl's family was nutso! Seriously! I just wanted to pick her up and take her home with me. 'Memoirs' was great too. I see why it was turned into a movie. The person writing it describes things so you can actually see them in your head. I haven't watched the movie yet, so I'll see if it was translated well or not. Pick them up to read when you have a moment. I did mention I read Time Traveler's Wife the week before right? One of the bloggers that I stalk recommended it. Good read, great love story. I liked Geisha more, but that's just me...

Worked on several projects this week. And I'm posting the Zippered Album I did last month for ScrapAddict Atered DT. It's a zippered Bazzill Album. I just loved this thing once I got an idea. I decided to make it a year in review type book, for 2006. So as we do things, I write them down in there and add some pics.. It's very cool.

Finished up some layouts a couple sets of ATCs and started 2 cabinet cards for swaps I'm in. Made an altered can recently, nothin' fancy, but pretty colors.
--- Layout for Maricar, a friend who is moving out of the area. Several friends got together and made blank layouts so she could pit in pics from this area, to remind her of us.---

--- Swwapped pics with a friend, Sara. She did a gorgeous job on my pics, I'll have to scan her layout. I tried my best with hers. I think its more simple than my normal style, but I liked it okay. ---

For a couple ATC swaps, today I made 4 'RED' ATCs and a 12 'GEMS' ATCs. Let me tell you it is TIME CONSUMING to put all those jewels on (the 12 gem ones have LOTS of jewels!)

I'm loving working on catalog cards. Remember the card catalog at your local library, before they installed computers? I'm in a swap where we're altering some. These are almost finished. They're simple and very similar, but they were a 'first try'. I think they need a word or saying and maybe some fiber? I don't know. Still working on them...

I run a swap on a scrapbooking forums where you get a secret sister each month and you send her a package with all things a certain color. The color changes each month. Last month was pink. I sent my SS this can:

Here is a layout I finally managed to finish up with journaling. Not sure I like it but it's done. I have about 10 more waiting in the wings for journaling...

Went to another forum crop this month. Our last one was in March I think? Anyway, it had a Mardi Gras theme because Maricar is moving to Louisiana next week and this was her last crop with us. We're a silly but dedicated bunch of girls and had a fabulous time. Ate too much of course, but someone told me it was a calorie-free day so I didn't worry. They should make that an actual holiday! ha (I'm on the floor, front left. I hate grey clothing. *eyeroll* But I ADORE my crown! Thanks DanaT!) Thanks to everyone else for a fun, memorable day.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blog Challenge...

In my local scrapbooking group I was in charge of the 6/1/06 blog challenge and STILL I haven't completed my own challenge. Very sad. Here goes though... (P.S. If you're reading this and want to play along, feel free to answer the same questions and post on your blog. Let me know that you do and I'll come visit you too!)

1. Last 3 books you borrowed from the library or bought at the store that we should read.
** Knit One, Kill Two - not an 'in depth' book, just a fun mystery series.
** Time Traveler's Wife - not one I'm going to immediately buy and put in my collection, but it was a great read I hated to put down at night when I needed to go to sleep.
** Alphabetica : an A-Z creativity guide for collage and book artists

2. Preferred time to wake up and start the day and what you would PREFER to be doing.
1030 am - computer time or art with no one talking to me, and a Rooster Booster drink in hand

3. Name 4 songs that have special memories attached to them, and what those memories are.
** Going To the Chapel - My mom and I always love to sing this song in harmony together in the car
** Down In The Valley - I sang this to my kids at night when they were little
** Amazing Grace - My favorite song to sing, another one to sing to my kids AND sing with my mom
** Friends (by Michael W. Smith) - reminds me of high school, singing this at pre-graduation pep rally at school. Just reminds me of younger days

4. Tell me about one dream you seem to have over and over and remember. OR, tell me about the last dream you remember.
Last dream I remember was this week. Actually I think it was last night. I can't remember all the details but my ears kept hurting and bleeding. So my father was really concerned and DH too, that I get to the Dr. I think the whole concept of the dream was the urgency of getting to the Dr. That's all I remember. All day today I couldn't think of what this was about, my ears didn't hurt when I got up or anything. But it just hit me NOW. My friend stopped by last night to tell me she is going in for surgery. Just found out friday or something. She has a brain tumor and she discovered it with pain in her head and side of neck. I'm thinking that triggered my exhausting dream. I remember all sorts of things stopping me from getting to the Dr in my dream, like traffic, deadlines, children's activities. It was so frustrating.

5. Whose is your favorite blog (or 2 or 3...) out there at this time and why? (I know my choice changes with the wind.)
I don't think I could really pick just one... Altered Diva, Altered Antiquity, Something Sublime, Pomogranates & Paper, Misty Eyed Art and now a new one Garden of Pink Shadows are the ones I FREQUENT the most.

6. Share a favorite picture you’ve taken. Why is it a favorite?
It's not like the BEST photo I've taken or anything, but it's my family and that's why I like it

7. Write a Haiku about any subject you choose (classic haikus have 5-7-5 syllables)
Change my mind again?
Blackberry pie or cheesecake

I just can’t decide.

8. Your ‘last supper’… What would be your most favorite drink, appetizer, salad, dinner & dessert if you could have anything in the world?
Drink: Quik Trip's Rooster Booster Lite (but I bet you all knew that! *wink*)
Appetizer: anything cheese, like spinach cheese petitfores, cheese/beef sausage & crackers, etc.
Salad: a salad with practically everything on the salad bar, pls tons of cheese and basalmic vinegrette
Dinner: Gosh, it's so hard to choose. Either chicken fried steak/mashed potatoes & asparagus w/hollandaise sauce, or a good steak and the sides I mentioned.
Dessert: Dang! Another hard choice! probably a cheesecake. Either classic NY cheesecake or I once had a cheesecake piece with half normal cheesecake on top and a cappuchino cheesecake in the bottom layer. YUM! I can still remember it now. Had chocolate sauce and raspberries.

9. What are you looking forward to most, this summer? Going somewhere? Buying something exciting? Seeing a movie or play you love? Share!
Gigantic Garage Sale up the street held at a church, that I live for 2 times a year. AND the local scrapbooking groups Mardi Gras Crop on Sunday. YAY! Cleaning out this house, having a garage sale. Trip to Alaska for almost a month and possibly a trip to Atlanta.

10. Tell me a couple habits that you had as a child that you now continue to repeat, and possibly see your children (if you have them) copying as well? ( I personally lick all the inside of an Oreo before I eat the cookies, so do my DDs.)
I pick my lip when I'm thinking. I don't think my kids have picked this up, but DD has started chewing on her fingers or something similar when she is thinking or bored.
My youngest DD sometimes hums when she eats, or basically is saying yum yum yum in a sing song way while eating something particularly yummy. I used to do this and still do sometimes.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Book Club and Tea...

Well mom, I'm making new friends (she would be glad to know. *wink*)

A friend from our homeschool group invited me to join her book club and they had a meeting tonight to pick the books for the next 7 months. How exciting to be in on the picking! It was fun. We met at Atlanta Bread Co. (I had 1/2 a chicken salad sandwich and potato soup in case you wanted to know...) and we each brought up to 3 books to share with others to pick from. We started with a list of 19 books:

Memoirs of a Geisha - mine
Water For Elephant - mine
Northanger Abbey
Pride & Prejudice
Saving Fish From Drowning
Watership Down
The Count of Monte Cristo - mine
Icy Sparks
The Victory Club
Eyes of Elisha
One Sunday Morning
Their Eyes Were Watching God
These Is My Words
A Lesson Before Dying
Walking Across Egypt
Riding The Rails
Tell Me A Riddle
The Eight
and another book I can't remember, something Morrison by Stephen King...

After lots of discussing, tea refills and many votes later... we chose these:
Saving Fish From Drowning
Watership Down
The Count of Monte Cristo

Their Eyes Were Watching God
These Is My Words

One Sunday Morning
Eyes of Elisha

I'm looking forward to getting started. The month of June we're reading one they already had picked, Falling Leaves : The Memoir of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter -- by Adeline Yen Mah. I ordered it off of and am looking forward to reading it. The lady wrote a young adult version as well: Chinese Cinderella : The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter (Laurel-Leaf Books) -- by Adeline Yen Mah. I'm going to read my adult version first and then see if it is something DD can read...

If you've read or heard of any of these books, post with your recommendations. Would love to hear them... It's nice to have an 'adult club' to belong to. I feel so grown up!