Sunday, June 18, 2006


(Dad & Mom)

Today is a day for dads. To me, a dad is more a man who leaves a good impression on a child's life. You can be someone's dad and do a whole heck of a lot to NOT earn that title. I've been blessed with a father, who, my whole life has been a quiet source of strength for me. He may be from the generation of not showing too many emotions, etc... but I know I can call him with questions and he'll answer. I like that. Because as much as I like to pretend I know everything, I have no clue how to cook a roast or change the furnace filter. Seriously. It would scary if I did either without calling dad. Dad, if I don't tell you enough... I love you dearly. You make mom happy, which is hugely important to me. You invented the Riddle smirk and I love when your eyes get red rimmed when your emotions get the best of you. You hugs are very important to me, as well as the times you answer my 'I love you' with a 'well, I love you too.' Greatest words in the world. I'm glad my children are growing up knowing you. They always consider themselves 'special' when you take them out with you when you do your saturday errands or when you buy chocolate covered raisins just for the two of you. We miss seeing you everyday but hoping to come down to GA real soon. Warm up the pans, I need some of 'daddy's roast & potatoes!' ha

(Ed & Girls)

I couldn't quit this blog entry without a note about DH Ed. Life is a learning experience isn't it. I've known you since I was 13 and you 15. We were kids then. Who knew we would grow up, get married and have adorable kids? Not I. I distinctly remember signing a paper that said I would never get married, as did you (my mother's idea of fun! *eyeroll*).These last 13 years of being parents I have watched you grow from a 'boy' looking like he is holding a foreign object in his arms (aka: your new DD) to a man who easily converses with his children, spends time with them, shares the same interests and loves his children dearly. Who could ask for a better dad? If you're involved in their lives, how can it be bad? We're going to make it through the teen years, I'm almost positive. I love you dearly, more than you can imagine. Keep plugging along. We'll get this parenting thing down by the time they move out I'm sure. Love you.

Happy Father's Day!

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ParaCristo said...

I'm verclemped...that was very nice sweety...I am sure we will make it thru...Even if you have to drag me!