Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Slice of Life...

Of MY life. If you reallly must know, I'm sitting here in my shoes, nightgown and jester hat, singing This Guys In Love With You by Herb Albert. Don't Ask. Ohh... you asked. Shoot. Okay, well. I've been in my PJs all day. Yes, seriously. All day. I put on my shoes to head to the basement to do laundry. YES MOM, I DO LAUNDRY! (yelling so she can hear me in Georgia, you understand.) DH was surprised I went down into the dungeon to do laundry as well. I told him to bug off. But I digress... I'm hooked on streaming 'The Best of the 60s' music on my computer and Herb Albert was singing to me. Also just sang along to 'Going To The Chapel' my favorite song to sing with mom.

The jester hat. Well... I'm weird like that. I have this unusual obsession about wearing something to create. It used to be my DD's dress up crowns until they were left out on her floor one too many times and got stepped on by big footed DH. Then it was a crown I got at my first forum crop with local scrapbookers. On Sunday, as I said, we had another crop and I came home with a jester hat. It's my new head attire. I've been organizing my art room all afternoon and I just feel productive wearing it. Plus it has adorable tinkling bells on each triangle thingie. Okay, so there is a slice of my life. Tell me a piece of yours.

Oh wait! I was gonna (is that proper english?) tell you what I've done since my last post!

** taps foot, thinking... **
** drums fingers, picks lip **
** removes sweaty foam crown off of head to think better **
** realize I have most of NOTHING to report **

Well, I did go to quilting class on Monday.. Wallhanging I'm quilting is coming along nicely. Tore apart my whole art room at DD's insistence that is was 'just a 2 day job'. WHATEVER! Its 5 days later and I'm still working. SHEESH. *eyeroll* Hand sewed an 'Edi-phant'. I don't like him. I had no beans for his bum and he keeps tipping over. *sigh* Story of my life. Best thing that happened to me this week was I've been blog-surfing and found some fabulous new blogs to share. I'll put together a list for my next post. OHH! I cropped with friends last night. Fun times.

Catalog cards I worked on last night. One is a repeat from below except I added a fuzzy hat. EVERYONE should have a hat! *wink*


kathywas said...

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that hangs out in their PJ's all-day!! I mean...if you're not going out for the day, why bother, right??!!

Love your new catalog cards!! They're fantastic! And by the way, I love Herb Albert as well!

Micki W. Hill said...

Those cards are WONDERFUL! And its a great use of our new hats isn't it? Too bad I'm having to fight Trinity for mine!

You talking about Herb Albert brings back a few memories of my Dad. He LOVED H.A. & the Tiujanaa Brass. I was scarred for life - LOLOLOL

ParaCristo said...

*throws sweaty jseter hat in trash*

JK dear

its are an odd one