Wednesday, June 21, 2006

*sigh* I can see I'm back to talking to myself. No comments left on my blog, barely any visits this week. No one loves me. I guess I'll keep on eating worms (remember that song from when you were a kid?! ha) See... this is what happens when you just start chatting away and not posting new creations. People come visit and see that you're just talking to yourself and say 'BAHHHH! She's just talking to herself. Give me the goods!" People want work, they want creations, they crave inspiration! ha Well, I'm surrounded by piles and piles and my DD is to blame. She said this room would only take 2 days to organize. And she deserted me after day 1. As I sorted stuff I got sidetracked by ebay and putting stuff up for sale. Then I was bogged down in blog land when I get tired of organizing. And then for a brief time this evening, in an attempt to avoid doing anymore work in the art room, I was watching game shows on TV and scheduling future tapings of said game shows. I guess for times such as these. *eyeroll* So.... short story LONG... I haven't been creating this week and I'm feeling withdrawls. Do you ever feel like that? Oh yeah, I forgot I'm talking to the wall. Hopefully the wall isn't withdrawing or I have a huge house foundation problem! ha Cracking myself up here, probably because it's 330 AM!!!

Okay, where was? Can't remember why I was blogging in the first place. I really need to find a friend who is up at 330 am central time so I don't sit here talking to myself all the time. Oh yeah, I was going to list all the new blogs I've been stalking... I'm too tired now. I'll list a few and you can read their highly mesmerizing writing and then come back another day and I'll have some more for you. *wink*
** Explanation first. I've been on a fabric making something kick lately (you remember the ill-fated Ed-iphant I spoke about...), so I've been looking at other fabric based blogs. Fun!
Wee Wonderfuls - adorable little animals and other fabulous creations. She just printed her own fabric!
Hop Skip Jump - some of the cutest bitty animals you ever did see!
Moopy & Me - Oh my word. I'm in heaven there!
RosiePosie - adorable drawings, sweetest little fluffy things she makes.

SouleMama - yummy creations and scroll down; she's making totes out of vintage CURTAINS! Where is my sewing machine?! I have to do that!

Imagine This - It's all yummy!
OneSundayAfternoon - great read
Anahata Katkin - SO inspiring. Can I be her when I grow up?
Green Frog Studio - I'm sure you know all about Celine Navarro, but I had to share her blog.
Art-E-Cats - Great reading, funny. Wonderful art too.
RagTags - good read

For your viewing pleasure if you have nothing else to do and you've read this far... I found several pics while I was organizing.
1 - Me at age 5, winning a ten speed bike. I was so cool!
2 - My 13 year old DD when she was 2 or so. This was before she had much hair, you see. Not like NOW, where she has all manner of dyed hairs. Ahhh, how they group up fast!
3 - My little 23 year old brother when he was like 1. I want a hat like that!
4 - Picture of said DD when she was a baby and my 23 year old brother was maybe 9? Such a good uncle...


Cris said...

Great pics and blog! I'm also a late night warrior. Sometimes I'm up at 2:00 am EST...not very good if you have a busy day ahead of you!

audrey said...'s the wall talking back to you, hee hee. Love all the pics especially the one of your little brother with the hat...too cute. I'm also trying to clean my artroom up...again...but haven't been successful. Thanks for more cool blog links to look at. Don't eat any many worms :0) Have a great day.

Deryn Mentock said...

Love the "go eat worms" song and remember it well! My kids thought I was crazy when I started singing it!'re not alone!

kathywas said...

I just LOVED your posting...and hey, we still love you!! I can certainly identify with the way that you feel! We all get into those non-creative moments, and it seems like the time just flies by before we get a chance to post and visit our blog friends. But we're still here! We haven't forgotten you!

I used to sit up until late at night and play on the computer, but believe it or not, if I don't go to bed soon after my DH, I lose my spot to the dogs!! Have you ever tried to push 2 fat beagles out of the way to get a decent nights sleep??? It's worse than being non-creative...LOL!!

Briana said...

Love the misc photos. I feel the same way - not a lot of people visiting mine either. Maybe it's because it's summer?

rmeyfe said...

Love the cute pictures!! And yes I too talk to myself!! :)

Carolyn F said...

Cute cute CUTE pictures!

norththreads said...

Hey girl-Angie here- your swappee partner from "just a kid swap", just checkin out what kind of stuff inspires you! Thanks for the great info, making up this package sounds like great fun!Chat soon,

Vera said...

I think it's been a slow blog week! Good luck with your art room project. I started reading your blog, then read the part about getting disrtacted in Ebay, and remembered I am supposed to be buying Alexander's next size of cloth diapers on Ebay, so then I went and got distracted there for a while, but I did come back and finish your blog, eventually!

Contessa Kris said...

Ahh, you all are so sweet! I'm just feeling the blog-love! Thanks so much for posting. nice to know someone is out there! Now I need to go visit everyone else's blogs! Happy days!