Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blog Challenge...

In my local scrapbooking group I was in charge of the 6/1/06 blog challenge and STILL I haven't completed my own challenge. Very sad. Here goes though... (P.S. If you're reading this and want to play along, feel free to answer the same questions and post on your blog. Let me know that you do and I'll come visit you too!)

1. Last 3 books you borrowed from the library or bought at the store that we should read.
** Knit One, Kill Two - not an 'in depth' book, just a fun mystery series.
** Time Traveler's Wife - not one I'm going to immediately buy and put in my collection, but it was a great read I hated to put down at night when I needed to go to sleep.
** Alphabetica : an A-Z creativity guide for collage and book artists

2. Preferred time to wake up and start the day and what you would PREFER to be doing.
1030 am - computer time or art with no one talking to me, and a Rooster Booster drink in hand

3. Name 4 songs that have special memories attached to them, and what those memories are.
** Going To the Chapel - My mom and I always love to sing this song in harmony together in the car
** Down In The Valley - I sang this to my kids at night when they were little
** Amazing Grace - My favorite song to sing, another one to sing to my kids AND sing with my mom
** Friends (by Michael W. Smith) - reminds me of high school, singing this at pre-graduation pep rally at school. Just reminds me of younger days

4. Tell me about one dream you seem to have over and over and remember. OR, tell me about the last dream you remember.
Last dream I remember was this week. Actually I think it was last night. I can't remember all the details but my ears kept hurting and bleeding. So my father was really concerned and DH too, that I get to the Dr. I think the whole concept of the dream was the urgency of getting to the Dr. That's all I remember. All day today I couldn't think of what this was about, my ears didn't hurt when I got up or anything. But it just hit me NOW. My friend stopped by last night to tell me she is going in for surgery. Just found out friday or something. She has a brain tumor and she discovered it with pain in her head and side of neck. I'm thinking that triggered my exhausting dream. I remember all sorts of things stopping me from getting to the Dr in my dream, like traffic, deadlines, children's activities. It was so frustrating.

5. Whose is your favorite blog (or 2 or 3...) out there at this time and why? (I know my choice changes with the wind.)
I don't think I could really pick just one... Altered Diva, Altered Antiquity, Something Sublime, Pomogranates & Paper, Misty Eyed Art and now a new one Garden of Pink Shadows are the ones I FREQUENT the most.

6. Share a favorite picture you’ve taken. Why is it a favorite?
It's not like the BEST photo I've taken or anything, but it's my family and that's why I like it

7. Write a Haiku about any subject you choose (classic haikus have 5-7-5 syllables)
Change my mind again?
Blackberry pie or cheesecake

I just can’t decide.

8. Your ‘last supper’… What would be your most favorite drink, appetizer, salad, dinner & dessert if you could have anything in the world?
Drink: Quik Trip's Rooster Booster Lite (but I bet you all knew that! *wink*)
Appetizer: anything cheese, like spinach cheese petitfores, cheese/beef sausage & crackers, etc.
Salad: a salad with practically everything on the salad bar, pls tons of cheese and basalmic vinegrette
Dinner: Gosh, it's so hard to choose. Either chicken fried steak/mashed potatoes & asparagus w/hollandaise sauce, or a good steak and the sides I mentioned.
Dessert: Dang! Another hard choice! probably a cheesecake. Either classic NY cheesecake or I once had a cheesecake piece with half normal cheesecake on top and a cappuchino cheesecake in the bottom layer. YUM! I can still remember it now. Had chocolate sauce and raspberries.

9. What are you looking forward to most, this summer? Going somewhere? Buying something exciting? Seeing a movie or play you love? Share!
Gigantic Garage Sale up the street held at a church, that I live for 2 times a year. AND the local scrapbooking groups Mardi Gras Crop on Sunday. YAY! Cleaning out this house, having a garage sale. Trip to Alaska for almost a month and possibly a trip to Atlanta.

10. Tell me a couple habits that you had as a child that you now continue to repeat, and possibly see your children (if you have them) copying as well? ( I personally lick all the inside of an Oreo before I eat the cookies, so do my DDs.)
I pick my lip when I'm thinking. I don't think my kids have picked this up, but DD has started chewing on her fingers or something similar when she is thinking or bored.
My youngest DD sometimes hums when she eats, or basically is saying yum yum yum in a sing song way while eating something particularly yummy. I used to do this and still do sometimes.


Annette said...

Hey Kris, enjoyed reading all your answers. Loved that haiku!

SnapDragon said...

And NOW I gotta go make cheesecake.. sigh..