There can't really be very much interesting stuff to say about myself. I mean, who really talks about themselves with any objectivity, these days?



I'm a wife to a wonderful, hardworking man. Coming up on 27 years.

I'm a mom 2 beautiful, quirky, funny, artistic girls.

I'm a homeschooling mom.

I like to bake, but abhor cooking.

I love animals, we have 6.

I love the beach, hate the cold (but love the snow.)

I'm an artist.

I dabble in a lot of art mediums.

I prefer paper, paints and fabric.

I'm a procrastinator, but usually get things done under the wire.

I like to talk, aka: blog. Must be why I own maybe 10 separate ones?!

I love technology, laptops, phones with internet.

I'm a daily Facebook poster.
I have an obsessive personality. If I decide I want to know something, I'll sit for hours, days learning about it on the internet, in books, experimenting. And then I'm on to the next new thing to learn.

I'm a college graduate.

I'm a voracious bibliophile, reading actual books and my NookColor.

I'm a christian and enjoy working my way through a good bible study.

I'm obsessed with taking pictures (especially of good plates of food.)

I love to travel.

I want to live in a yurt on the beach, with all the modern conveniences of course.

I'm a first born, A-type person, fiercely protective of family.

Did I mention I love to talk?!

My blogs you may or may not find of interest and that I may or may not keep updated:

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Look Out Stomach

Collage Contessa Etsy Store (art)

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