Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Be Still Painting

I went out to dinner with a friend recently. She's struggling, I'm struggling, commiserating and encouraging each other was the goal. It's such a blessing to have that friend who challenges you, admonishes you to pull yourself up by the bootstraps or just offers to come over and help you catch up on laundry. That's a true friend. Especially a good friend who puts on rose colored glasses when looking at the semi messy house. When that happens you know you've found 'the one'.

I was complaining, feeling overwhelmed and she told me, 'you're not being still. Just be still, God will take care of things.' I was full of buts and complaints and dispair but she insisted I remember, God has me. I need to let him. I went home that night and crawled into bed. I eventually crawled right back out because I couldn't sleep. Went to check the mail and saw an empty canvas. (Mail slot comes into my art room). It hit me what my friend said, so I grabbed that canvas, holding the mail between my teeth for what I thought would be a quick jotting down of the verse 'Be Still and know I am God.' It turned into much more.

All the time God is good, and knows just what I need, a nudge from a friend, a verse that speaks to me, a paintbrush in my hand.

Sometimes we just need to let go.

Over the next few days this piece evolved. The flowers changed, the background was defined, the piece came together. And I was still. Before God. Just where I needed to be.


This painting is for sale on Etsy right now.

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