Thursday, September 18, 2014

'Please Mr. Postman' Painted Envelopes

Do you ever start out to do something quite simple? But then your brain takes off and can't stop until you've made a commitment to something bigger than you had planned? Yeah, that's where I'm at.

I'm swapping items on a Facebook group with others and I thought to myself, "This is an artsy group. I can't just send things in blank envelopes! I'll be thrown out of the group! We're artsy, must art them up!" So I thought, sketch a little, slap on some paint, I mean I had 5 to do at the time so something quick would be good.
Instead, I spent 2 days in my free time painting large paintings on padded envelopes according to the recipients' likes. Yes, I'm obsessive like that.

My hubby asked, "what are these for?" I said "Just to mail things in." "You're spending all that time on something just to mail?!" "I guess I am." And let me tell you, I had fun!!

I also had a few smaller things to mail so I made these little pieces below as well. And guess where all my inspiration came from? Yup, Pinterest. I love Pinterest!

The only problem with painting envelopes is now I've kinda set a precedent, I'll be expected to paint all my envelopes! Oh well, better get busy painting or quit swapping! Ha


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