Monday, July 03, 2006

Family Trips can be...

Fun... Or Exhausting, interesting, fabulous, challenging and many other adjectives I can't think of at this time. We made it to HOTlanta, GA in one piece. I didn't see much of the scenery because I was doped up on tylenol and goldfish crackers. DD developed an adversion to sitting in the back seat. It made her car sick. So I jumped in the back seat because its not too bad for me. WRONGO! Sick the whole time. Goldfish were my stomach's friend. We drove straight thru so I didn't have to stand a second day of driving torture.

It's so relaxing to visit with family. Sometimes it can be an adjustment. You're used to doing/having things a certain way and so are they, but then you start to meld and it all works out hopefully.

We haven't done much but just 'be' since we've been here. This morning we went blackberry picking at the Adams Farm and then DD #1 made blackberry cobbler. It is fabulous with vanilla ice cream.

Tomorrow is our country's Independence Day. A day to be proud we're Americans. Mom and dad have invited lots of people over from their work. It should be an interesting time. Many of them are from other countries and are here going to school, but working in my parents office during the summer months. The fridge is so stuffed with food we were instructed to eat all the leftovers for dinner so there would be more room. Sounds good to me!

DH painted the pig today. I wish I had gotten a picture of it before DH shelacked him. He is this adorable ceramic pig my parents have on the porch. 'I' thought he was cool looking, but dad apparently thought he should be spruced up for company coming. He was black, overpainted with peeling white paint. Very 'altered' looking. I offered to 're-alter' him, but dad bought pink paint instead. The darn thing now looks just like WILBUR from Charlotte's Web. It's really quite weird. DH was outside sanding the paint off of him, and then spray painting it. Interesting things we did today! ha I'll get a pic of him tomorrow when the sun is out. I think he needs a bow or collar now.

I'll write more later... Happy July 4th to Everyone!


Micki W. Hill said...

So nice to hear some of your adventures! Hope you have a fabu time!

norththreads said...

Sounds like your having a great time, Im working on your swappee package as we speak!!!