Monday, October 27, 2008

Unlimited Money - Creative Therapy

I'm sure we all dream of unlimited funds to buy and do and be with. However the catalyst for this week's Creative Therapy put one thought in my head. Taking my children traveling.

Journaling reads:
World Class Education: Sometimes I wish I had all the money I needed to take my children around the world. To travel to all sorts of countries as part of our homeschooling. I’d like to show them the world instead of just reading about it all..

This catalyst was in my head for awhile. Being that we homeschool our kids, I’ve always wanted to take them around the world. To help them experience life first hand instead of out of a book. To show them India, France, Scotland, Fiji, Argentina, Russia and Australia. To see the Eiffel Tower, Stone Henge, the Panama Canal. I want them to surf in Hawaii, float in a boat in Venice, ski in Switzerland. To experience the cultures, the exquisite foods and gorgeous architecture. I want them to learn languages, help others who are less fortunate and find their purpose in life. I hope someday we might be able to expand their horizons and show them the world.

(this is a page in my altered journal I've been working on periodically.)

Take a moment and go look at this week's catalyst examples. All are different, interesting, some stunning. I'm just in awe of everyone else's talents!

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Mar said...

these are beautiful pages
don't we all wish better things for the youn ones