Thursday, December 11, 2008

Past, Bread & Future

I baked bread yesterday.

I haven't made any loaves in a long time. DH & I have been on a perpetual diet for years (looking back I might add that they're not working out too well so why are we doing them? Okay, confession: Not working for ME I mean. DH has lost 60 lbs. It's called willpower.) I'm even back on a lo-carb diet right now, but I couldn't resist baking bread.

There is something about the smell of freshly baking bread that envelopes me in a wash of memories. It reminds me of days with toes tucked under blankets, a cup of hot tea, a plate of freshly baked warm bread with a dash of apple butter. I recall days of youth, time spent with family whether reading a book or playing a game. With my piece of bread mom made. It's comforting.

Now before you are shocked into thinking 'she actually mixed, kneaded and baked?!' No way. I have a double bread maker. I wished and hoped for one several Christmases in a row until one year it showed up. I was overjoyed. I have a book that I borrowed from the library on bread machine recipes. I enjoyed it so much it became overdue many times. Wouldn't you know it, not 1 month after I checked it back into the library, I found an exact copy at a garage sale for 50 cents. How is that for lucky? It's called 'More Bread Machine Bounty' by Better Homes & Garden. For yesterday's bread I used the Basic White Recipe.

Today I was thinking about the parent/housewife I'm not (this thinking is what prompted the bread making.) It's a running joke in my family that I don't cook. Somehow this has been mistakenly changed into the idea that I CAN'T cook. There is a big difference. Cooking is just not my favorite thing but I can do it. I've always love baking though. Anyway, thinking on my parenting/housewife type failures, I don't really decorate, or make the table pretty, don't cook dinner much, or put special linens on beds and pretty things all around, don't do special things like impromptu tea parties or cookie baking. One of my goals for the coming year is to change all this. Not to become perfect, but to be better. More the mom/wife I want to be. It's worth a shot anyway...

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Rhonda Langley said...

I do love the smell of baking bread although I am not a bread eater!

You know I don't like to cook either but that doesn't mean I can't cook. I just prefer cooking for someone who appreciates and at least tries what I make otherwise I am perfectly happy with a nice bowl of cheerios & milk for dinner.

Now where did I hide my bread machine?