Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Etsy, Blogs & New Arts

Yes, you know where I am. Sitting in the studio, deftly avoiding cleaning. I did organize all my flowers into 2 boxes and put up a pile of magazines. That counts right? Oh! and I listed these on my Collage Contessa Etsy store...

and this in the Collage Curiosities Supplies Etsy store (I had an extra for some reason.)

So, comme ci, comme ca. I did a bit. DH and I spent hours yesterday finding the floor to the basement. It's been covered with leftover boxes to go through, baskets of laundry, art stuff, etc...

I am avoiding the massive mile high pile of clothes to fold upstairs. I don't know how it grew but I think I've washed every winter and summer piece of clothing as well as most of our collection of sheets, blankets and rugs. And believe you me, I love older linens so we have a lot! I anticipate folding all day long during homeschool. I will feel just downright domestic when I finish!

Anyway, blog hopping again. I was looking at the people visiting my blog and found this one:
Michelle Rafter - seems she visited me back after I found her blog with the list of participants to her blogathon.
Floating Ink - one of the afore mentioned blogathon participants. Great art going on there.
Woolpets Flickr - recommended by Floating ink, gorgeous real life woolfelted animals.
Contemplating the Moon - Floating Ink also talked about this blog. She does beautiful encaustic wax paintings. I'm intrigued and have wanted to try painting this way. She wrote this on her blog: "I find peace in my son's laughter, in the solitude of nature, and in my art. Not the final product, but in the act of creating. I find that the chatter that goes on in my head, quiets itself. I need that." I would love to have the chatter in my head quiet while I do art. Maybe I haven't found my true medium for that feeling yet... Something to think on.
Painting and Painting - the Contemplating blog led to this intuitive painter and teacher. I've never really understood this type of painting. Maybe I'm not as in touch with my head as I think I am? It seems to be all about painting and spirituality and free flowing. I'm not a free flow-er I don't think. I have to have a goal or some idea or shapes to paint? But I do love this artist I discovered through Vivian's blog: a canadian artist, Carlito Dalceggio. He seems to be a big 'free flow-er.' Here's the video I saw on Vivian's blog. It's my fav of his work so far:

Speaking of Vivian, she has started a new weekly creativity challenge that seems very interesting. In case you're needing a little shove back into arting, here's the link.

Okay, hand held high... I solemnly swear to clean through 1 more box before I go to bed and then its off to dreamland, considering its the middle of the night.

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Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

I found this post sort of funny, as I was feeling quilty for not folding my laundry. So here I sit, folding in between reading! And...now I have more links to check out and reasons to avoid more housework! Love your art btw!

katie said...

Kris, I am loving your art work on this post. Great creative stuff.
Don't worry about the folding of laundry, if they need something they will find it. Easy for me to say huh?


Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Oh, I LOVE that first piece! Just gorgeous!

Rhonda Langley said...

I actually saw the bottom of all 3 of my dirty clothes hampers! In celebration I did not do any laundry yesterday! Guess what I get to do tonight-ugh!!!

If my family would quit eating and wearing clothes I could probably take over the world or at least make my first million!

Patti said...

cleaning? who said the 'c' word?! ha.

love your etsy pieces, I'll go take a look and stop by some of the blogs you mentioned.

take care!

Anonymous said...

Love the etsy pieces. The first one is my fave. It is gorgeous and I love the colors. Thanks for sharing that video. I really liked what he created. By the way, you asked me if i was on facebook.......nope, haven't been there yet. Have a great weekend :)

MagicMarkingsArt said...

Kris ~ your collage work is wonderful ~ and I think you have to be somewhat of a free thinker in order create them - so give yourself a break :)
And I love, and want to steal, your idea of featuring those who take the time to visit and comment.
Have another wonderful, laundry free day.

Kathy L said...

Love this current art wrk. The colors are awesome...and I have seen that video..it is wild!