Friday, March 05, 2010

Altered Weekend Plans

(Caution: After typing this post, I realize its all a ramble through my brain. You have been forewarned and need not read on if you don't want to.)

It's supposed to be between 55-60 degrees all weekend so my mind has been racing towards going-out-of-the-house activities. Thrift stores would always be my first choice. But when I was straightening the studio last night and trying to shove stuff in the already full storage room, I realized that I had enough thrift store stuff that I need to sell on Ebay and Etsy! Time to get listing...

Then I thought maybe dd and I would run out and find lots of places to take photographs with our new cameras this weekend. Kansas City is a diverse place, there has to be interesting things to take pictures of. We did take a trip down to the Plaza and Nelson-Atkins Museum in January but that is about it, if you don't count all the snow pictures we've taken. And frankly, I'm tired of snow.

I doubt we'll get out though, considering the laundry I'm so behind on. We have way too many clothes. Plus the girls decided to 'clean' the little one's room. Which basically consisted of them shoving everything that wasn't organized into even bigger boxes and piling them in the hall. I had to have them move everything back into the room just so I could get to the bathroom! I think the little one and I have work to do. Most items should be shoveled off to the thrift store or Ebay. Out with the old, in with nothing. I want it organized. 

Are you feeling the need for spring cleaning too?

While cleaning the studio I came across many started canvases that have been languishing. Either I've lost steam on them, or put them aside for loftier/more pressing pursuits. It's time I finished a few. So that is my plan for the weekend. Keep organizing, wash laundry until I can see empty baskets and work on all my canvases. My works in progress. 

What will you be doing this weekend?


Anonymous said...

My goodness Kris you have been busy, what colorful canvases you have going on here!
Oh and when you get done Spring Cleaning hop on over here, I have lots of that to do!:)

Sherry Goodloe said...

I just moved this past month, so I've pretty much DONE my spring cleaning. This may sound weird, but I was able to let go of 10 years worth of stuff by asking myself what if there had been a fire and I lost all of this? Would life go on? So I let go of things that I hadn't even SEEN in 10 years. The key was to not look at things too long once I saw them *smiles*

It was sooooo freeing, and when I moved into my new home? It felt good to not be so bogged down with "stuff".

So what was your question???? LOL

Kersten said...

The canvases you've started and get to work on this weekend will make even laundry fun! :)

trisha too said...

What a great lot of beautiful starts!! Have fun with them!

We're at the shop while the youngest is at Awanas tonight, so I'm having fun blog snooping . . .


Rhonda Langley said...

Those canvases look great-just add a little glitter and call them done!
Spent my weekend doing laundry and cleaning house-Justin had his 21st B-day bash.
Working on graduation announcements (still!).
Made my blog 3 columns-thanks for the link. I just need to tweak the margins between columns and voila!