Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Movies for Art & Home Renovation

Last night I was loading up my Netflix instant view cart with movies I haven't seen in a long time. Seeing as I have several more Valentines I want to make, I want things to watch. I don't always watch movies while creating, sometimes I listen to Norah Jones or classical music. Something that lets the brain flow. But with the valentines I keep overthinking things and that will lead to basically getting nothing done. Hence, the movies. I chose lots of great movies. What do you do while arting?

Time Bandits (someone recommended this. I have not seen it yet.)
The Money Pit (one of my favs!)

I also thought I'd watch a few series:
30 Rock (never seen)
Dr. Who (the older ones)
Monk (I'm going to rewatch this series)

In other news, I've had curtain material, already cut in the precise panels for the little one's room, for 5 YEARS. Probably more actually if I were honest. I decided yesterday that I will be making said curtains by next week. The little one and I brainstormed how we want to do her room. She has bright pumpkin orange walls but the rest is a just a cluster of mess, mixmatched things, too many toys. She does have a nice IKEA orange duvet so that will help. 


I've always been envious of this room by Atelier and the little one loves it so we're going to use it as a stepping off point.

atelier view / vista do atelier

She already has an orange room so we think we'll keep that but do these type flowers on the walls in a lime green. We'll pull in colors of the lime, aqua, orange and magenta. I'm thinking of piecing together a curtain for her closet, which doesn't have anything at this moment, as well as painting her dresser. I'll document as we go along, for fun.

What home projects are you working on this year?


Rush'd Lady said...

ooo bright! Will she like bright for long? Is she pulled to those colors from the crayon box? I painted my son's room a bright yellow and green when he was a baby/toddler and he screamed and cried more because those walls were shouting at him! Later, I realized boys rooms were painted green or soothing blue on purpose . . . There is a book on painting children's rooms that I checked out of the library once on colors and what children choose. It said that children were drawn to the colors that they needed emotionally at the time. Brights were liked for their cheering factor, blues/greens were soothing, pink took the edge off the appetite, purple/grey/brown were depressing and so on.

Contessa Kris said...

Well crud. I need to paint all my walls pink then! lol It's funny you said that. My next paint job is the kitchen redo and its slated to be painted a vintage pink. I guess we'll never eat in there again! lol