Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday Monday, So Good To Me...

Yesterday, Monday was a whirlwind day ALL DAY TO MYSELF! When was the last time that happened? Mom called Sunday and asked for the child to stay the night and wondered if exercising, helping out with the Centennial planning at the church AND making Whoopie Pies would count towards homeschool hours? I figured, sure. Exercise=PE, Centennial=Community Service, Whoopie Pies=Baking/Math/Measuring. Hey, I would agree to just about anything so I could have the day to myself. Not that I don't love the little munch, but a day all to my lonesome sounded awesome!

Here's how I spent my day:

Listing Items on Etsy (no art yet, just vintage and supplies.)

NOTE: In honor of National Money Week (and St. Patrick's Day) I'm offering a 15% coupon to my Etsy store, to save you some GREEN! Code: MONEYWEEK. Good until 3/19/11.

Avoiding these that hubby baked last night (carbaliciousness Jumbo Pretzels!)

Cleaning Off the Ole' Cam-Er-A. And the camera on my phone. I find it funny, the things I took pictures of with my camera for the last few months, or in the case of the phone, the last 2 YEARS! Yes, it's been that long since I cleared it. Do you save your pics to another location besides your phone? My phone pics tend to be pics I take to text to someone or Facebook right away. Apparently I have a thing for food. Almost half of my phone pictures were of food. No wonder I'm on a diet!

How did you spend your fine Monday?

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