Friday, May 19, 2006

American Idol

Despite my disgust at the people of the world voting off 2 of the best singers on American Idol (EVER!!!) and me not wanting Katherine to win... I did love her 'Black Horse In A Cherry Tree' rendition. So much so, that DH went and found the original artist's MySpace and I was able to download the song. I love it! Listen to it. It's fabulous!

EDITED: June 2006. I took the straming video of her playing so it wouldn't freeze everyone's computers anymore. If you want to hear it still, go to KT Tunstall's My Space. It's a great song. Kttunstall

My favorite American Idol singer is Taylor. He just makes me want to get up and boogie. Even though I love him the best, I do realize that Elliott was the best singer followed by Chris. I just don't want Katherine to win. I'm rooting for Taylor. Don't forget to vote this week folks! I implore you to vote for Taylor!


Briana said...

I think Chris was the best and I am sooo bummed he was voted off!!! I like both Katherine and Taylor so I guess I will be happy if either wins. I can't wait to watch this week!

Annette said...

You must be very, very happy this week!

kathywas said...

Ok..I can already see that you and I will be great friends! Elliott was my favorite, not only because his voice was awesome, but because he's from Richmond where I live. I think Katharine was darn lucky to get where she did...especially after forgetting the lyrics to a song not once..but TWICE! However, I agree that I liked her rendition of "Black Horse in a Cherry Tree". It's a fabulous song..even my dh got hooked on it. I was so glad to be seronaded by it while I read your blog!!