Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Latest Altered Project

My DH surprised me a month or so ago by asking me to alter something for him that he could take to his office and 'display'. He suggested a phone. He is a 'phone guy'. Manager of a technical department that puts phones in businesses, school systems, etc... So I found a wall phone and altered it. It is still functional for him to use. I had it done within a week or so but it's been sitting here. I can't get it out of my brain that it's not done. But I can't figure out what it is. I think it needs something on the sides. Nothing too 'girly', but something. Like a shimmer. I may try to add that before I send it on to work with him. But I thought it would be fun to share here. Used paints, gesso, buttons, print of vintage photo, colored pencils, ribbon and my favorite Art By Moonlight stamp (bottom left image).

(EDITED: I gilded it with Metallic RubOn cream paint and I love it. It's finished and I'm sending it with him to work tomorrow.)

Other projects I've been working on, an ATC holder using my new Art By Moonlight stampsheet and which will probably end up on Ebay. I didn't photography the inside but each envie inside has a letter of the alphabet either stamped or free handed and there are 2 pull out cards in each envie with a flower stapled to the top for pull out 'ease'. I also have made several cards from scraps (here). Currently I'm working on an adorable project I can share after the 1st (its for a design team. ) It's yummy and I'm having fun with it!!

By the way, didn't Taylor do well this evening on American Idol? Between DH, DD and I we got through with votes for Taylor 103 times. Then 3 of our phones died. Seriously! lol 1 cell and 2 cordless phones died and needed to be recharged. We're die hard fans, can you tell? GOOD LUCK TAYLOR! Hope you win tomorrow night!

Friday, May 19, 2006

American Idol

Despite my disgust at the people of the world voting off 2 of the best singers on American Idol (EVER!!!) and me not wanting Katherine to win... I did love her 'Black Horse In A Cherry Tree' rendition. So much so, that DH went and found the original artist's MySpace and I was able to download the song. I love it! Listen to it. It's fabulous!

EDITED: June 2006. I took the straming video of her playing so it wouldn't freeze everyone's computers anymore. If you want to hear it still, go to KT Tunstall's My Space. It's a great song. Kttunstall

My favorite American Idol singer is Taylor. He just makes me want to get up and boogie. Even though I love him the best, I do realize that Elliott was the best singer followed by Chris. I just don't want Katherine to win. I'm rooting for Taylor. Don't forget to vote this week folks! I implore you to vote for Taylor!

Friday, May 12, 2006

the unadorned...

It's official. I'm the odd ball. I've been left out, I'm the unadorned. My whole family now has glasses and I don't. Sophia had her first eye test last week and didn't want to. Then all week she was so 'jump-up-and-down' excited to pick up her glasses! SO EXCITED! We go to pick them up, try them on and she acts all depressed! What's up with that?! I think the thought of wearing glasses 'all the time' for the 'rest of her life' threw her a bit. Of course she is 6 years old so she forgot about that feeling by the time we got home. Go figure... Alex picked out new glasses too. Aren't my girls adorable? Doesn't my DH need a haircut? ha

DH had today off and our 'out of town' plans were cancelled, so he took the girls to the zoo. I took the group picture before they left. I had the whole day to myself and all I did was wander around, catch up on shows and clean my art desk. That's about pathetic I think. I could have done something great! Monumental! Phenomenal! But that would have required getting dressed...

Enjoy your family today.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Catching Up...

Gosh, I haven't been on here forever! Life has really been loopy. SO much going on. But I thought I had best get on here when I had a small moment, just to update my 'fans' (all 3 of you) with my life. I promised mom pics of DD cooking and the goofy pics of my strawberry girls. I promised my forum friends that I would play along on the blog challenge. I promised myself I would post my latest cards I made for ArtByMoonlight AND that I would stop letting life overwhelm me to where I don't do the things I enjoy doing, like this blog. Promises Promises. 'Hold on to your hats, devils dogs' it's going to be a bumpy ride. Here goes the longest post in history. (Comment if you got that movie reference just then. *wink*)

First off, blog challenge:
(Totally copying/pasting Maricars explanation, can you tell I'm stressed for time?) I'm part of a Forum on a scrapbooking website. This is a new challenge that Lisa S started, to get us all blogging. This week's motivation is: Blog about someone you miss. They may have passed on, they may just not be in the same geographic area anymore, you may have just lost touch. Add a picture if you like. If you had the opportunity to ask them just one question, what would it be??

I miss mom. She only lives in Georgia. A 14 hour car ride (with stops for bladder challenged & bottomless pit hungry children). A mere day out of my life to get to her. But it seems life gets in the way. For those of you who only see your parents once a year, or less than that, or your parents have passed on; I sound like I'm whining when I say I haven't seen her or dad since Christmas. I can't help it. She's my mom. She's my best friend. The one I go to first to talk about stuff. She listens to me. Always has sound advice, even though I might not always use it. She is just THERE for me. For 9 years we lived 3 minutes from each other so when they had to move to GA for work, it was like the rug was pulled out from under me or my safety net found a hole. It's just not the same. I feel like I'm biding time until she returns. I get to see her this weekend hopefully, but it just feels like a tease. She has to leave again and that just doesn't seem fair. I'll tell you the latest great thing she did for me. I talked to her this week, and I was stressed with all the things I have to do before the weekend, including cleaning my disaster of a house. She told me not to clean on her account. In fact she said Don't clean, she's not coming over at all. We'll just pick her up from where she is staying and visit with her that way. Isn't that nice of her? She took away that stress in one fell swoop. I just love her. I can be in the poorest-ready-to-cry-or-run-away mood, and after talking to her, be ready to face the world. I bet she doesn't know she can do that for me. God blessed me when he made me her favorite daughter...

Pic s of DD cooking
Guasacaca (after watching 'Ham On The Street'):

Pics of both DDs' after we found strawberry shaped glasses. SO adorable!

Cards I made with
ArtByMoonlight stamps of which I am on the Design Team. I was using up scraps in my scrap drawer so they happen to all be bright colors, since that is the drawer I was working through...

ScrapAddict (where I'm on the DT as well) is having a month long 'National Scrapbooking Day' celebration with challenges, contests and lots of prizes. Checking out the store is a MUST. Not sure if a sale is going on, but Felicia is filling up the store with lots of yummy new products! I'm working on this month's GORGEOUS Altered Kit. I just LOVE this kit!

Til later... thanks for reading. Feel free to leave lovely comments.