Saturday, March 31, 2007

Back from the dead...

I know, you thought I left for good. I hit 100 posts and then ran off to parts unknown. I haven't even visited blogs of my favorites peoples in a long time either. Life has been so busy for the last two months. I kept saying I would post and then I'd get busier. I'm here now though.

It's a beautiful spring day here! Windy, but lovely. We have a new bunny as of a few weeks ago and we took his cage outside, removed the bottom and let him enjoy the sunshine and grass. He didn't know what to make of it all. Sophia just loves her 'Brownie'. Alex' cat, Raisin, loves the bunny too. She will come in the room and Brownie will run to the edge of the cage and stick his nose out to be petted. Raisin (the cat) will come to the cage, and reach in and tap the bunny like she is petting him. It's hilarious!

I think I've been in artfunkland. I've cropped a few times, made a few things, but not feeling too inspired. Of course, my art room looking like a tornado picked it all up and dropped it down willy-nilly doesn't help my creativity level I'm sure. We decided to move my art room to the basement, and so far I've cleaned through some of the junk down there. And then stalled. It's a bigger job than I wanted to admit. And I'm lazy. Or busy. One of the two. Need to go work on it today but all I want to do is stay upstairs in the sunshine.

Let's see, update. What have I been doing? DD and I started at Curves. We went for 3 weeks straight and then this week, nothing. Too busy a week. Going back on Monday though. We enjoy it. I don't have to figure out what exercises to do, or how long or how many weights to attach to a machine. Very easy. Now to just get my healthy eating doing better and the exercising will really pay off. We're planning on going back to St. Pete Beach, FL in either June or July so I want to buy a new bathing suit. I think mine is from our trip to Pensacola Beach, FL in 1995. It's time for a new one!

Haven't played with Etsy much lately. Haven't even bought anything since Valentines. It's sad, I know. I need to get listing again as well as get all our extra homeschool stuff up on eBay (and extra art supplies!) I forsee many busy days in the weeks to come. Visit my shops soon...
What have you been up to these last 2 months? Make anything new, have new goals to achieve? I need some inspiration. Share with me! Okay, off to work on that basement.
(Various ATCs & Cards I've made recently. The Cigar box and File folder album are Altered Kits from

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Anonymous said...

Oh look at all this eye it all. And the bunny is just too darn cute. I was wondering where you were...kept checking your blog. Glad all is well.