Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools

So, did anyone play any tricks on you today? I only had one and it was weak. DH came home frmo picking DD up, came in the door and said 'we were in an accident'. Since they're walking and talking and didn't call me from the road, I didn't really believe them. Now, if it had been a call from the road, I would have freaked. Men! *eyeroll*
Today was a gorgeous springy day! We took a walk after lunch and could see all the leaves changing, flowers budding and it was all beautiful! I'm so ready for spring, although I could skip the tornadoes and be ecstatic.
Spent a little time tonight working on a project for ScrapAddict's April Altered Activity. I'm in charge of it this month. I decided to alter music CD cases that my friend Rhonda gave me. Just the clear covers. I slipped pics in and designed around them. I put holes in the middle back and plan to hang them on my wall. I have another 20 to go or so. I want a big wall display.
Feeling productive today. I'm off to finish a layout and an altered kit for ScrapAddict as well. Did you alter anything today? I wanna see! Link me please.


Anonymous said...

Kris...these altered cd's are gorgeous. I love how you did the outer edges.

re: april jokes here but the one your dh tried on you reminded of a few years back. my sister and i were visting our mom and an accident happened on the road in front of the house. The lady in the car that got hit was calling someone she knew to tell them and she was upset and crying and the person she was talking to on the phone thought she was joking about the accident since is was April 1st. She saw us and asked us to get on the phone and tell the person that it was for real and not a joke, lol.

Monica Kornfeld said...

What an awesome project, Kris!