Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Teen Blog & more Art

Okay, so I never use my other blog, Obsessing Over. I really started it to test changes for this one. Anyway, decided to turn it over to my teen dd for her photography and basic rambling. lol I know I teach her english in our homeschool and her writing is very good but for some reason when you let a teenager loose on a blog, they have the longest run-on sentences. And that is how she talks half the time. Cracks me up! Like they think they're going to miss telling you something if they don't get it all out now! Visit if you want and post a comment to give her a thrill. Her pictures are beautiful. She'll have to post more. (link's over on the right------>) Oops, almost forgot. It's her birthday this week too! She'll turn 15.

I finished a few more cards for the Christmas swap.

Also worked on two 3-D type ornaments for the class I'm teaching Friday (will also teach the 3 in a previous post). So far, 16 people are signed up. I'm hoping we'll have a few more. It's taking me days to pack everything up for a 1 1/2 hour class! But I think we're going to have fun! If I have leftover kits, you might find some listed on Etsy over the weekend. So stay tuned.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Christmas is Coming...

I told you I could feel it! And there's nothing like a Christmas counter (over on the right) to make you feel stressed! lol I've already started my present ordering, some off of Ebay.

Tonight I waited out the family until they were all snoozing. Ahhhhh, precious time to myself! I started working on Christmas cards. Yep, I said it. Christmas cards. I'm getting a jumpstart. Plus I'm running a CCard swap on Altered Gypsy, so that helps to get my patootie in gear. I have a few more to make but here are some.

What are you making this year? For presents, I'm thinking of some shadowbox collages... We'll see. SHOW ME what you're making!