Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Put Your Pencils Down...


I've been trying to teach myself a few things this year. Last week I showed you my crochet (the blanket is done now. I'll share pics soon.) I'm also learning to draw. I figure I can't afford to go to college AND pay for the teen's college at this time so I'm learning on my own.

I've been reading through several drawing books for tips, techniques and they're listed below. But I find that the best way I'm learning is to just sit and draw. I'm no good drawing from real life. But I can draw some, looking at pictures. I'm trying anyway. I thought I'd share what I've drawn so far...

A clown from a 1969 Ringling Bros circus booklet you would get when you went to the circus. Drawn on thick paper Moleskine.Painted with Caran d'ache crayons and water.

Drawings from a bird identification book. Colored with colored pencils. Drawn on thick paper Moleskine.

Drawn while the girls did homeschool (jar of brushes found on my desk). Drawn on watercolor Moleskine. Might paint it sometime.

Drawing from some pictures I took out back, of a bird and another of a big nest up in the trees. Drawn on cardstock. Painted with fluid acrylics.

I have a few more things that I drew, for some ATC swaps. I'll share those another day since this post seems long long long.

Drawing Books Read:
Complete Drawing Course - John Raynes
Draw and Sketch Buildings - Jim Woods
Expressive Drawing - Steven Aimone

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Mary-Beth said...

Kris, these are marvelous. I think you are very good at drawing, you have a wonderful style I love already!