Sunday, April 11, 2010

Contessa Sightings & Postcards

Yesterday I kept playing with the background paper scraps and made a few postcards. I used images and german scrap from Red Lead as well as a script stamp. The poetry is cut from a book of poems by Helen Lowrie Marshall.

I'm sure my sisters in art are shocked at the amount of BRIGHT things I've been making lately. Maybe I'm moving out of my brown vintage phase? Who knows. I go back and forth. Diversity. That's the key!

OH! I just had to share. I'm so excited! I've been featured and/or mentioned on 2 different websites in the last week or so. What fun!

Both times it was for the Vintage Easter Eggs I made awhile back. You can see the articles here:

Kansas City Etsy blog

It's a beautiful day today. I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday, the Lord's Day. It's gorgeous outside. It's supposed to be 77 degrees here and we're off to church and a picnic! Can't wait! Ta-ta!


Jodi Ohl said...

Congrats on the features, Kris!

I love your bright, bold and fun postcards! Who wouldn't want to receive happy mail with those :))

trisha too said...

I'm not surprised by the bright, so much as the pinkness involved!

None-the-less, I'm loving it, and I want one. You should definitely send me a postcard!