Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Poe and Raven Art

At the moment I have 3 Raven themed altered books for Altered Gypsy I'm supposed to be working in It's been a month or so of non-creativity while I prepared and started our homeschooling year. The teen is taking college classes this year so I'm down to one student. It's a different ballgame, and I don't have to juggle students. I'm liking it so far. We're still working on attitude adjustments in schooling but don't we all need that at times? lol

Anyway, on to art. In the first book I completed a 'sign in' tag with a POE theme as well as 2 single pages and one 2-page layout.

This two page layout needs something I think but just not sure what. I'm not sure I'm happy with the polka dot background but can't change that now, can I? lol

The two smaller Poe images here were from mail. A friend sent cards and on the outside of the envelope she stamped Poe. Like I always say, SAVE EVERYTHING! The larger Poe image is from an Altered Pages collage sheet (the Poe image on the tag above came from the same sheet.)

In the 2nd book I"ve done a 2 page spread so far. I really love the slapping papers on a background approach when I can't think of an idea. As I'm putting scraps on the pages, ideas come to me. And it cleans out my scraps box as well!

Working on new pages tonight. I'll share when I'm done.


Rhonda Langley said...

These look good to me-I see that Medallion stamp peaking through! I like the polka dots-and they are pink too!

trisha too said...

Looking GOOD!!!


ArtGirl said...

oooh what lovely colors and shapes, i especially love the pages with the birds and pen and cage and colorful circles. very inspiring.

i was just reading poe the other day - lenore, quoth the raven nevermore. it brought back memories from highschool when we read his stuff.