Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Party at POE'S Art

I'm slowly catching up on my obligations to the Raven Altered Book club at Altered Gypsy. I finished up the last 3 books I had in my possession this weekend. Most pages you saw a few weeks ago but I did manage a few more.

For this one I started with a leaves theme but then got stuck. I finally went with the Trees poem by Joyce Kilmer. Love that poem. (It's a two page spread.)

I used the same poem on a canvas quite awhile back (2 years ago I think? It already sold) but you can see info about it on this post.  Here's the pic of the canvas:

The second two page spread I did was entitled Party At Poes! Once I put a hat on Poe, the page naturally went from there.

I will tell you about the process of making the whole page since it was an experiment in experimenting. Here were my steps:

1 - glue down scraps
2 - swipe yellowy green paint all over the pages
3 - hate the look and try something new
4 - emboss big round emblems (stamp is by Stamp-In Up.) with a clearish rainbow embossing powder, very proud of myself here
5 - swiped brown paint all over the background, thinking the embossed part would act like resists and paint wouldn't stick to those parts. I was wrong
6 - again hating the background so I decided to heat up the embossed areas again, thinking they might magically pop through the brown paint. By accident swiped my finger through the heated up HOT paint and it wiped off revealing some of the embossed pattern. Burn - bad, pattern showing up - good. So I keep doing that and got interesting results
7 - embossed more in different areas with a vertigris color and a fence type stamp in glossy red. Starting to like it more.
8 - ran out of ideas so I started flipping through a Somerset Studio for ideas. Saw a house in one with a pic of a person so I thought I'd try that. Made a house for Poe out of corrugated cardboard, painted papers and a Poe image from AlteredPages.com Poe collage sheet.
9 - Made a pocket for Poe's house and slipped it in (it is removable). From there I just attached birds, lettering, rub ons and stapled on feathers (yes, too lazy to glue them on.)
9 - then apparently I wasn't too lazy to glue on beads. Or to draw circles all over with metallic colored pencils. Go figure.

And that in a nutshell is this page spread. I might do this type of background again. Like how it came out.


trisha too said...

The Contessa LIVES!!!
Beautiful pages! The fall colors are rich and gorgeous, and you always have such enticing layers and textures. Your pieces are definitely touchers--the kind that get me reprimanded by security guards . . .

Anyway, it's been way too long, both in real life and web life!


Rhonda Langley said...

Great art! Love all the textures, colors, and images. My favorite part is the party hat on Poe-great!

ಶರಶ್ಚಂದ್ರ ಕಲ್ಮನೆ said...

I m from India. I ended up here searching something about Stencils. Great creativity, really liked your works. :) Can you help me in converting a picture into stencil. I could not go through your blog completely.