Saturday, December 04, 2010

Day 4 - 12 Days of Ornaments

How was your Saturday? Mine was surely eventful. I didn't even make it into the studio until the evening hours. But it was worth it. We went to a rescue dog viewing, 'just to look'. Yes, you guessed it. We came home with a dog. I've been wanting another one, one to play with our little Clemie. She needs a friend.  He was apparently a breeder's dog. He is shy, still learning to go the bathroom outside and takes a bit to warm up to people. I can't image the conditions he might have been kept in. His eyes were matted shut when they got him at the rescue place. His little tongue hangs out a bit because of weird teeth. We love it. 

We have this new dog 'Winston Franklin' on a trial basis to see how he fits in with our dog. He was named Frank Sinatra for his unusual blue eyes. We named him Winston because Winston Churchill's wife was Clementine (our other dog's name.) They're learning to like each other. I'm thinking they will be bffs in no time. (P.S. It's hard to take a pic of the dog, if you take too long - aka: more than 5 secs - he starts to close his eyes to sleep! lol) He's a little scruffy. You can't tell here, but he has quite a bit of tan all over his body, even some brown. So cute.  I can't wait to get him to the groomers!

After bringing home this dog, the teen and I ran off for a little shopping. We had pulled several angel tags off the Christmas tree at church (presents for kids who are in foster care) and it was time to get lots of goodies. Needless to say, I spent too much but it feels so good to think of the kids with their presents, new socks, gloves, scarves, etc... We had a good time!

Today's ornament tutorial is one I was working on the other day and abandoned for yesterday's. I finally finished it. With some of its leftovers, I made a smaller ornament that could also be a package/gift topper.

NOTE: I think everyone is busy this season. No one has had time to post ornaments. So all names that comment will go in for the drawing. No pressure. But still feel free to share your ornaments made this year in the linky thingie below. I'm giving away a whole pile of artsy things at the end of the 12 days, INCLUDING several pieces of chipboard, sequin waste, fabric scraps and more.

vintage pink acrylic paint
sequin trim
chipboard star
collage image (I used an angel for an old sheet from Art By Moonlight)
glitter glue
metal word
fabric and lace scraps
wire or floral wire
various beads in Christmas colors

Extras for small ornament:
Holiday Sentiment stamp
Brown Ink Pad
Sewing Machine
Sparkly Tinsely trim
Vertigris & Clear Embossing Powders
Embossing Ink pad

1 - Cut an ATC (artist trading card) size piece of cardboard. Pull some of the front layer off, exposing the corrugated part underneath.

2 - Paint the cardboard with pink paint and let dry.
3 - Layer the middle of the card with a few fabric and lace scraps. I went with more neutral pieces. tack down with glue or maybe a stitch with needle and thread.
4 - Cut out a collage image of an angel and glitter her wings. I also wrapped a small piece of sparkly tinsely trim for a halo. Set aside and let glitter dry.
5 - Choose a metal word. Pat with embossing ink pad and cover with clear embossing powder. Heat until it melts. Do twice, this gives it a nice shiny surface.
6 - Glue the metal word to the bottom of the ornament.
7 - Glue dot the sequin strand to the top area of the ornament.
8 - Take chipboard star and color with a red marker, including the sides. 
9 - Pat with embossing ink pad and cover in red embossing powder. Heat until melted. Repeat with clear embossing powder. Now you have a shiny star!
10 - glue down the star to the middle of the sequin trim. 
11 - Glue on the dried angel.

12 - Poke hole for the wire, twist to attach. Bead with Christmasy beads and wire other side to the ornament.
You're done!

To make the little ornament:
1 - Take scrap of cardboard, about 1 3/4" by 2 1/2". rip part of the front off. Paint with pink paint.
2 - Pick fabric and lace scraps. 
3 - With ink pad and sentiment stamp, stamp onto a brighter fabric scrap.
4 - Layer all scraps onto the cardboard and sew across the middle.
5 - Take chipboard scrolly piece and pat with embossing ink pad and cover with vertigris embossing powder. Heat until melted. Repeat with clear. 
6 - Attach to the ornament with glue dots.
7 - Cut a 3"+ piece of sparkly tinsely trim. Loop and staple to the cardboard back. 

Stay turned for tomorrow's ornament. HINT? Better brush up on your hand stitching/quilting skills. It's an easy one, if you can thread a needle.


Shirley said...

This is so how you've made it from cardboard!

Paula Clare said...

I LOVE this one! Wouldn't a whole tree of these and pink feathers be gorgeous? Such elegance...from CARDBOARD!?! Ya gotta LOVE altered art!

Wanda H said...

Love this ornament!!!!

trisha too said...

Okay, so the ornament is nice, but the dog is adorable!!!

Rhonda Langley said...

Well isn't he just the cutest dog??? And this ornament is the most wonderful of all and even prettier IRL!