Saturday, May 28, 2011

Art Books, Yard Junk & R2D2

I'm looking forward to doing art once again. It's been a good while (except for the Raven pages I did a couple weeks ago.) I'm actually looking forward to a daily commitment. Of course, I say that NOW, we'll see how I feel then! lol But ideas are flowing in my brain and I'm trying to write them all down so I'm prepared for when June 1st arrives. (This is when my month long commitment to daily art begins. Join me?)

In the meantime, I've been ordering and picking up inspiring books from the library to get my creative juices moving. Have you read a good art book lately? I'd love to know about it.

As a side note, tell me if I'm crazy or not. Since my brain has been flowing with ideas, all these weird ideas are popping up. I was walking the dogs around the backyard the other day and taking note of all the crud in the backyard. Broken rake, broken lawnmower, clay firepit frame and lid with no firepit, piles of branches... I started thinking about how we could do a summer project of taking the lawnmower apart with the little one and discovering how it works. Then we could use the parts, along with all the other junk out there to make some metal sculptures to go in and around our garden. I told this to hubby who is an artist himself although he forgets this about himself and he looked askance at me. Maybe I'm thinking a little FAR outside the box? But I've always wanted to dabble in soldering, welding and wiring. I thought it sounded fun. I also told him about this thing I saw online where you could build your own R2D2 out of a trashcan and maybe we could use the lawnmower parts for that. He didn't get it. He did mention though that the two smokers we have are the exact shape of an R2D2 so now I think we might get engine paint and paint them! That will be fun!

Have an artful weekend!

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Rhonda Langley said...

sounds like fun to me! Hey, I wonder if R2D2 would work as a scarecrow in your garden???