Monday, May 23, 2011

Last of the Ravens

What was a journey started in April of 2010, has come to an end with these last pages of art. I've had the best-nerve-wracking-feeling-completely-untalented-time creating for this round robin journal of Ravens (use search box to see all Raven pieces I've done.)

I'm now only waiting on my own gorgeous book to return for me to drool over. I'll share it when it shows up.

For these pages, I had no ideas. So I just started scraping paint on and gluing pages from a dictionary. I was out of town in Atlanta for 10 days and whatever supplies I had taken with me, is what I had to use. Thankfully I had packed art supplies pretty well. On this first set of pages, the poem is by John Burroughs called 'Waiting'. My mom says its a perfect poem to describe her, now, life of retirement but I just found the sentiments beautiful.. the 'Waiting' piece of paper will slip back and forth between the other two pages, after I get it put back in the journal it came from.

This next set of pages is for another journal. The left page was just as bright as the right but the background was competing with the trees and birds so I whitewashed it and repainted the trees. The right page has the poem 'I Shall Not Pass This Way Again' by Eva Rose York. Perfectly fitting since I will not be doing another raven page for this swap.  The right page also has a hand drawn raven across most of it, with layering of dictionary pages and paint underneath.

What spring art are you creating?

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creatingme said...

Really nice pieces.