Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Felt Flower & Chevrons Canvas

I went to a wedding last month of two adorable people. I remember being adorable, once... Ahhh, so long ago. Been married almost 25 years myself. My how time flies... Anyhoo, I digress!
Pinterest has become my new best friend and I saw a felty flower on a pillow or something and I thought, surely I can make something like that?! But I thought it might be better for a canvas. Plus I had just picked up 12x12" canvases that were screaming for paint. I obliged.

Okay, before I try to explain, this was not an exact science. When have you ever known me to do something 'exactly'? Anyway. I've been wanting to do something with chevrons or zigzags as they called them when I was younger. (I have plans to make curtains with them, in January, so stay tuned for that!) I sorta marked off every 2" horizontally and then every 1 1/2"-2" vertically. All by trial and error I assure you. I used light pencil for markings and blue painters tape for paint lines. I did do them all the way over the edge of the canvas for continuity.

This is the felt flower I made for the middle of the canvas. I found a tutorial here that I loosely followed.  i will say, for a 12x12" canvas, those size circles were too big. I cut mine 3" and 2" and had probably 1/2 left over. I also just cut a square of fabric to sew the circles to and then after I was done, I cut away the square, about 1/2" from the first sewn row.  Real simple.

My friend's wedding colors were light grey and mustard. I couldn't decide whether to do light or darker grey so I sampled both and showed family. They told me I should go with both colors so I did. I like the way it came out although it was different in my brain initially.

Since weddings are special, I had to have a special button for the middle of my flower. This is one of my great grandma's buttons. She was married for probably 50 years until my great grandpa died. She outlived both her boys and graced our lives for 103 years. It'd say this is a lucky button. More accurately, a button from a woman who had a Christian life full of blessing.

After the canvas was dry I pulled all the tape off. Sure, there were a few minor places where the paint sneaked under the tape. I just took out a tiny paintbrush and touched it up. Then, as seen above, I sewed the flower to the canvas.

 Here's a look at the finished product. I think it came out awesome if I do say so myself! Now I want a huge one, with double the petals, for my own wall! Can't wait to make another one!
In case you were wondering how I wrapped it up for the wedding... Mom said it was too pretty to stick in a box so I just wrapped it in tulle, added a homemade tag and attached it with a hat pin. The bride sent a thank you card saying they had already hung it in their bedroom. Always nice to know when someone uses your gift!

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trisha too said...

A wonderful gift, this is gorgeous! Very trendy boutique look, i'll bet they were thrilled!

So, i finally started Christmas shopping the other day. Amazon and Overstock and ebay buy it now--so to answer your question from the other night, yes, i have done a lot of shopping on line this year!