Thursday, January 03, 2013

You Can't Be Serious...

This is the unobtainable, couldn't possibly happen to me this year, what was I thinking writing it down 2013 wishlist. It's things I want, desire to do, hope will happen, determined to try. At this point, most are not possible because of money. But I'm stubbornly determined and God is bigger!

  1. Go on a cruise for 25th Anniversary with hubby.
  2. Sell 40 paintings or larger art pieces.
  3. Redo the kitchen into a kitschy kuteness (floors, cabinets, walls and all.)
  4. Figure out what I'm good at artistically that I can market
  5. Replace the kitchen appliances.
  6. Write up 4 magazine article proposals
  7. Buy new mattresses for all beds.
  8. Send off 6 art submissions
  9. Train all dogs (3) to do all the things I have wanted them to do (ie: alert me to bathroom time, big one not to chew little ones up, sleep through the night, not chew up house, not run off when off a lease, big one catch a frisbee.)
  10. Write an online class. 
  11. Lose 80 lbs.
  12. Make bedroom curtains
  13. Visit the beach with hubby and my girls.
  14. Take 2 art classes.
  15. Replace the roof.
  16. Finish my afghan made of 100's of granny squares
  17. Fix the sagging house corner (mud jacking?!)
  18. Learn Screen printing
  19. Clear out the basement and garage to 90% empty.
  20. Learn Encaustic Wax painting
  21. Fit into my wedding ring again.
  22. Journal/Draw in journal 200 times.
  23. Read 50 books.
  24. Sell off or give away 1/2 my art supplies I'm not using.
To some, many of these are easy peasy. For me, with no money and sometimes a little doubt in my abilities, they're hard!  I will share any progress that occurs. Crossing fingers and forging ahead in 2013. What's on your IMPOSSIBLE list?

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Trece said...

Awesome, God-sized goals!! Let me know how I can help with #24!!