Thursday, May 16, 2013


Poor little neglected art blog. I miss posting but never find the time. I've had a 1 1/2 year drought of art, sometimes rallying to make something but nothing consistent. I don't know how to bring that fire back in my life, but I miss it. There are seasons in life I guess.

Okay, life update... If you're friends with me on Facebook, I'm a regular poster. I'm kept busy with homeschool, church, eating (if my picture posts on Facebook are any indication! ha), swim team for dd, and too many animals. Life is good, had spine surgery in February to fix my neck. I think it's doing really well. Did a few pieces of art I popped up on Etsy last month. Need to do more.

Here's a few of the things (you can see all on Etsy) I've finished last month:

Bird Family Canvas on Etsy $60

Destination 45 on Etsy $32

Flowers Flourisheth on Etsy $28
Be Brave ATC ACEO Canvas on Etsy $16
I made this police box piece for my daughter and decided I could duplicate it if anyone wanted a custom made piece. She and I are HUGE Doctor Who fans (called Whovians!)

Made for my Daughter, Duplicates on Etsy $28

I shoved (we won't say organized because that would be a HUGE lie) all my yarns into a basket and its by my bed. One day I will get the gumption to roll the balls up but in the meantime I deal. I've worked on a few things not finished but...

Copying a thrift store blanket's pattern. Will share pattern when I write it up.

Started as a circle pillow, changed to making a bag but made it too tight, so not sure what I'll do with it now. Anyone want an odd colored Rasta Hat? ha

Project that went terribly wonky. Pulled it out.
Well! Picture heavy post, as usual. Will try to share more, as life throws stuff at me. What have you been up to?


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