Sunday, November 24, 2013

Easiest Ornaments Ever!

So my daughter Phee talked me into buying her a real tree for her room this year. What can I say, I'm a pushover. Wasn't hard. Those real trees smell awesome!

She has decided she wants to make ornaments for the tree out of already used items. Cereal boxes, old clothing, items that need a new life. I've been pinning as many ideas as I can find to my Christmas Pinterest board.

Tonight's ornament actually wasn't any I found. We came up with it just gathering things I've had laying around. Easy to make. All you need is:

Children's wooden letter blocks
silver bells
scotch tape
embroidery thread
opt: needle

1 - First of all, pick out your letters (Phee went with a Doctor Who reference.)
2 - I rolled clear tape in between each letter just to give them a bit of support staying together
3 - Cut a piece of tulle about 2" wide and a length double the length of the blocks plus another 6-8" for the top tie thing.
4 - Loop the tulle from the bottom of the row of letters to the top on either side, kind of like it's in a sling. Tie it tight on the top. Leave a bit of room and then tie again, making a hanger for the tree.
5 - Thread a needle with embroidery thread. Push needle under the tulle on the bottom of the row of letters and pull the thread thru. Take off the needle and tie on a bell tightly. And you're done!

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