Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Diorama Ornament Tutorial

This ornament was a throw together. Do you have junk drawers, drawers were long forgotten things go to disappear, rolling around until POOF you're looking for something and you see all the 'NEW' items? Yeah, this is an ornament of those.

And yes, I'm stuck on the deer theme it seems this week. They're just so cute!

I went looking for a particular art pen. While searching unfruitfully I might add I found all the 'ingredients' to make this cutie ornament: jewelry boxes, broken ornament, plastic deer, strips of forgotten poetry and more.

What is needed:
jewelry box
acrylic paint & brush
new plastic or broken snowflake ornament (or cut out your own)
scrap paper
jewelry box fluffy stuff inside you put the jewelry on
plastic deer (or other animal or whatever you wish)
opt: plastic mini wreath (I found mine at a thrift store as button covers. I pulled those nasty covers off the backs and voila! Wreaths to use!)
Date stamp
India Ink (I used hot pink)
cork and/or thick coaster
opt: star jewelry

1 - Paint the inside of the box. Paint the outside of the box a different color. After it's dry add glitter on the inside back and 3 inside sides. I left the bottom inside unglittered so it would be easier to glue other things in.

2 - From scrap paper, cut out a Christmas tree. Glitter it. I didn't have any of those lovely pop up glue dot sticky thingies so I took a wine cork and cut a slice off of it with a knife. Gluing that to the back of the tree, I attached it inside the box.
3 - Cut a slice off a jewelry box padded stuff. Glue it into the bottom of the diorama.

4 - I had a plastic snowflake ornament that fit perfectly inside the box but i had already glued down the tree. So I cut part of it off and slipped the snowflake in behind the tree.
5 - On scrap paper with india ink, I used the date stamp to add 'Dec 25'. Slip it in the snowflake and glue down.
6 - Glue the little wreath to the front of the box (adds depth.) If you don't have a wreath, maybe a small pompom with glitter? Or draw a wreath or add a jewel there.

7 - Again, no pop up glue dotty things so I cut some miniscule slices from a coaster. Glued them together, to the back of the deer. I then added glue to the deer's feet and then I glued him inside the box. I did dip his nose in the red india ink, just so he would resemble Rudolph!
8 - I found a nice vintage star piece of jewelry on the end of a hair pin. Add it to the top of the tree. It just as easily could be a paper glittered star if that is all you have.

9 - While searching for other things I found this bag of printed and tea dyed strips of paper that say 'Where thou art, that is home.' I glued several of those strips around the outside of the box . I then added a layer of glitter on top.

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