Monday, September 29, 2014

Whales and Chickens

A friend asked me to make her a sea creature piece. I've never drawn or painted any before, unless you count the primitive fish drawings I always did with my kids in church to keep them quiet. I drew, they colored them. So my friend asked me to draw something sea worthy, I can't resist a good challenge. What's the worst that could happen? I throw a piece of paper away, right?

Well now I'm stuck on whales. I thought about doing a puffer fish or a jellyfish or ever a swordfish. But nope. Only whales have been swimming by. I'm also not content to do them all in original colors. Grey can be so boring! So some are and some aren't.

I wonder what my new drawing obsession should be?! I'm thinking chickens! I've been following this guy on Facebook that does daily Rooster drawings. It makes me want to go out and sketch our chickens. In case you didn't know, we have 6 chickens. We picked them up as one day olds the end of May. And they're right on cue to lay their first eggs around my birthday, October 6th! I can't wait! I'm a bit like a momma hen, very eager for my chickies to start earning their keep!

What would be interesting to you to hang in your house? Is it flowers, houses, dogs, birds, what? I'm curious what people collect. I have a few rooster things in my kitchen but I'm determined to not call it a collection because then people will only give you that collection as gifts! Ha I have enough.

Have a whale of a day! Cluck cluck!






Monday, September 22, 2014

Flowers, Deer, Pumpkins and Painters Guild

Do you ever have times when you're just stuck in a rut and can't make your way out? I've been stuck in a rut lately but this one I like! Previous ruts were hard and I couldn't art much and couldn't slog my way out of them. But recently, as you can see from posts, I've been painting my way out. The rut I've been stuck in lately is painting envelopes. I've been exchanging art with friends and it's so nice to practice my drawing and painting skills on inexpensive materials like envelopes and watercolor paper. That way you don't have to commit every time to a more expensive canvas. I've been enjoying the process immensely!

I made these pieces over the weekend using an 11x14" piece of watercolor paper I tore in 3 pieces. I found images I liked on google or Pinterest and just had fun!

They fold up into a square and have a little flap. The small size is perfect for sending the ATCs I'm sending in them.

The pumpkins I free handed and they went through many revisions. I guess I need to go visit a pumpkin farm to understand what I'm wanting them to look like.

Little deery was fun to make. I found a vintage greeting card on Pinterest and tried to replicate it.

This week I branched out a bit more. The newer church we've been attending has a Painter's Guild. They have a monthly speaker and you come and paint what the artist is demonstrating or work on what you want instead.

She was painting a beautiful trees and Halloweeny landscape. I'm not much of a landscape person so I worked on this daisy instead. It needs more and I'm not sure how I'm finishing it but I like it so far. 11x14".

What are you creating today?


Thursday, September 18, 2014

'Please Mr. Postman' Painted Envelopes

Do you ever start out to do something quite simple? But then your brain takes off and can't stop until you've made a commitment to something bigger than you had planned? Yeah, that's where I'm at.

I'm swapping items on a Facebook group with others and I thought to myself, "This is an artsy group. I can't just send things in blank envelopes! I'll be thrown out of the group! We're artsy, must art them up!" So I thought, sketch a little, slap on some paint, I mean I had 5 to do at the time so something quick would be good.
Instead, I spent 2 days in my free time painting large paintings on padded envelopes according to the recipients' likes. Yes, I'm obsessive like that.

My hubby asked, "what are these for?" I said "Just to mail things in." "You're spending all that time on something just to mail?!" "I guess I am." And let me tell you, I had fun!!

I also had a few smaller things to mail so I made these little pieces below as well. And guess where all my inspiration came from? Yup, Pinterest. I love Pinterest!

The only problem with painting envelopes is now I've kinda set a precedent, I'll be expected to paint all my envelopes! Oh well, better get busy painting or quit swapping! Ha


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Fantastically Flowerful Post

I think I've been on a flowery kick lately. Sometimes bringing beauty into your life is done by birthing it on canvas and paper. I made these items for some friends who I'm exchanging with. These three above are ATCS, artist Trading Cards, about 2 1/2 x 3 1/2" each.

I've also been experimenting with my drawing skills. I believe the more you do art the better you will get. But I do believe you need to push yourself. I always tell myself I can't draw. But in reality, I'm not the best at pulling from imagination. Drawing something I'm looking at goes much better.

Between these two below, the daisies I looked at pics of daisies, the poppies I tried to draw what I thought they would look like. So we'll call them more inspired than actual.

I also think it is good to know your skills and where you need to improve even if it's only for yourself. On these two pieces, made on watercolor paper about 5 1/2 x 7", I tried to recreate vintage tablecloth flowery patterns. I love vintage tablecloths!

Besides, flowers just make me happy!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Be Still Painting

I went out to dinner with a friend recently. She's struggling, I'm struggling, commiserating and encouraging each other was the goal. It's such a blessing to have that friend who challenges you, admonishes you to pull yourself up by the bootstraps or just offers to come over and help you catch up on laundry. That's a true friend. Especially a good friend who puts on rose colored glasses when looking at the semi messy house. When that happens you know you've found 'the one'.

I was complaining, feeling overwhelmed and she told me, 'you're not being still. Just be still, God will take care of things.' I was full of buts and complaints and dispair but she insisted I remember, God has me. I need to let him. I went home that night and crawled into bed. I eventually crawled right back out because I couldn't sleep. Went to check the mail and saw an empty canvas. (Mail slot comes into my art room). It hit me what my friend said, so I grabbed that canvas, holding the mail between my teeth for what I thought would be a quick jotting down of the verse 'Be Still and know I am God.' It turned into much more.

All the time God is good, and knows just what I need, a nudge from a friend, a verse that speaks to me, a paintbrush in my hand.

Sometimes we just need to let go.

Over the next few days this piece evolved. The flowers changed, the background was defined, the piece came together. And I was still. Before God. Just where I needed to be.


This painting is for sale on Etsy right now.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Handmade Art Journals

I've been playing around with paints and papers again. Papers and paints just go together like peanut butter and jelly!

A few years ago I made a couple journal covers and then there they sat on my shelf. I used up wrapping papers, vintage music, library cards, buttons, invitations and more. I sewed them up on the sewing machine and added a pile of various papers for the insides.

Until this week when I added a flower to one.

I also worked with a new size, making front and back covers from a children's dictionary book. I added paints, various scraps and a piece of netted yarn to close it. This one just has watercolor papers inside. I used purple, which is a color I don't prefer but I think it was perfect for this particular piece.

I watched a youtube video to learn the coptic stitch. Part 1 and Part 2. It wasn't too bad if you follow along. A few places I pulled too hard and it ripped just a bit but is still attached fine.

These two I completed for some friends but I think I'll finish one the other square ones for myself! So fun to play and sketch in. The others will be heading to Etsy.


Monday, September 08, 2014

Doctor Who Art!!

We're a family obsessed with Doctor Who. I'm not even as bad as my youngest. She's watched all the old stuff. Me, I started my Doctor Who experience with Christopher Eccleston, who else?! I wish he had stayed more than one year. Anyway...

Last year while my youngest was at camp, hubby and I painted her bedroom door as the Tardis! Isn't it sweet?! Needless to say, we won parents of the year. Hubby also sent her postcards to camp of Doctor Who characters. Yes, we rock.

Recently I swapped some Doctor Who art with an online friend. I attempted to weave a Tardis. Not my best endeavor and maybe it would have een better if I used a designated loom instead of making a wobbly one out of sticks. No matter, she seemed to like it.

I also sketched and painted three ATCS (Artist trading cards) of characters too. Okay, being honest here, hubby sketched the cyberman and I painted him but the rest were all me.

Are you my mummy?!! Hehe