Sunday, April 09, 2006


I really need one of those long-range-no-one-notices-you-catching-me-adjusting-my-bra paparrazzi type cameras. Seriously! My DD is doing adorable things, but if I go up to her, she will pose or just not be as cute. KWIM? She announced she 'needs' to go out back to pick flowers (aka: the red bud buds off the tree that produce the leaves), dandelions and 'blue bells' (little purple ground cover.) She went out of the door, I went to look and there she is in her magenta corduroy dress, sky blue shirt, socks and summer sandals swinging the little pink box with handle and yellow daisy on the side (which I just rescued from the basement for my own agenda.) Too adorable! I wanted to capture her hair blowing in the wind, the way she is slightly skipping and bobbing her head to some silent tune, and her pooh bear beanie baby peaking out of the box.

I wanna freeze moments like this on film for those years when my memory goes (like next year). I don't want to forget how small and cute she was at this time in her life... *sigh* I think I'm getting old or something.

She pops her head in to say she is going to feed her flowers to the birds and within minutes, I hear her calling in a high pitched voice 'here birdie birdie birdie. Here birdie birdie birdie.' This continues for awhile and then she came in with frowns. 'They won't come momma'. *I secretly smile at her naivete* 'Honey, just leave some flowers out there and they will get them when you're gone.'

She is back inside carrying a net from her room, announcing she is going to catch a butterfly. Who knows where she got the net, but she is now determined.

Oh to be a child again...

P.S. Just had to share one more. She is back in again. *Fumbling through drawers*

She: 'Momma, where is that witcher picker?'
Me: *slight laugh* 'Witcher picker? Do we have a witcher picker?'
She: Mom, I used it yesterday with the chicken.'
Me: *Now I'm thoroughly confused* 'With what chicken?' * I don't remember having any chicken, but her idea of what is chicken and my idea are quite different...
She: *exasperated huff* 'MOM! I used it to flip the chicken in the microwave! The WITCHER PICKER!'
Me: *understanding dawning quickly* 'Oh, you mean the TONGS that you used to turn over the chicken fried steak you had for lunch.' (hotdog type tongs)
She: *eyeroll at my inability as a parental unit* 'YES!'
Me: 'In the drawer. What are you going to use it for?'
She: *does the innocent whistling thing like Tom and Jerry do when they're trying not to look guilty* 'Okay, I'm going to plant a plant.' *eyeroll at me again because I guess I should have KNOWN that?*

She is all of 6 1/2 years old. I can forsee some interesting years ahead... *I roll my own eyes*


SnapDragon said...

Be glad that you're a homeschooling parent. It can only get worse from here.. =). Totally adorable -- can't wait to meet her!

DanaRunaway said...

She sounds so full of energy! So cute and creative and with a big imagination. Yes I miss those days with my kids but I have them with Grant.

Cute stories, I could picture them in my head when reading them!

Market Smart said...

Kris, I love the way you can make me feel like I'm seeing her be all adorable :) Your DD is just too sweet.

Contessa Kris said...

Thanks ladies. I write like I talk, animated and frequent eyerolls. ha She is a chip off my old block.

tshap said...

Kris, I love reading your blog. It's like going for a visit, I always have so much fun here. Sophia is adorable as always, and I love her funny glasses!

ParaCristo said...

She is a 2E thats fer sure....