Sunday, November 05, 2006


I don't really have anything of interest to say. Isn't that weird? For those who know me, they are shocked. I always thought I was a LOUD person, but a friend told me once, 'you're not really loud, you just talk a lot.' Yes, she is still my friend... It's true though. Do you ever look at your life and think, 'if I had to describe my life weekly to someone, it would be very boring.' Nothing changes for the most part. I mean, if I thought about it, I could think of something I'm sure. Okay, I'll pretend I'm interesting for a minute...

Top Ten Things Different Now From Last Week

1 - I can see my DD's bedroom floor. It's a huge accomplishment! It was scary before!
2 - Last day of my job as church nursery director was today. I held the position for 2 whole years and made lots of friends. It was time to move on.
3 - Made some Christmas Gift Tags (seen above). Trying to get a jump on Christmas.
4 - Ate Chipotles about 4x this week. I think that is a record!
5 - I'm ALMOST done organizing and purging my art room. Haven't I been saying that for almost a year now? *shock*

** Yeah, not so interesting, I ran out of boring things to list after 5... I'll try to be more exciting next week. **

Now you're turn. Oh, wanted to mention a couple things... I'm having a Stampin' Up party this week. I'm not really a stamp girl, but I LOVE their ink pads. I have several friends coming and it should be an evening of craftiness, loud talking and being shushed by the poor SU lady trying to hold our demonstration. It will be fabulous. If anyone happens to 'NEED' something, see the catalog here and email me with an order. I'll have the stamp lady call you for your payment info.

I started another fabric swap at Swap-Bot. You would think I had enough fabric now, especially since I haven't been doing anything with it lately... However, you can never have too much fabric. *wink* This one is a bit different, its a kit, so you have something to work on during the winter.

In case you need things to read, here you go:

Cream Puff has me in bread heaven this week. WARNING, be careful going to this blog when you're hungry. I'm dying for Focaccia now!
Ms. Pom has been to watercolor class again. I'm going to try the '6 mini landscapes' I think. Makes the watercoloring effort much less daunting.
Angry Chicken - what is it with people lately? I think since it is fall, people have been in the baking mood! MonkeyBread is tempting me at ACs! Don't forget to scroll down and check our her cute fall dresses for her girls!
Ikea Hacker - Gosh, I *heart* IKEA. We make a pilgrimage there everytime we are in Atlanta visiting mom and dad. Now that mom and dad are moving back here, where will we go? There has been a rumor that one is coming to Kansas City, but I'll believe it when I see it... On this blog they take items from IKEA and alter them. Someone after my own heart!
DIY Network - I've been watching a lot of decorating, crafting and remodeling shows lately. I get all excited about making changes around here, and then I get up from the TV and sigh. I'm too lazy to do anything! It was cool to see they have a 'green building' section at this site, since my father is a green architect... Favorite new shows I've been watching on DIY or HGTV: Simply Quilts, Stylelicious, Crafters Coast To Coast, Craft Lab, From Junky To Funky, My First Place, My Parent's House, That's Clever, and I always love Cash In The Attic.

Gosh! I guess I found things to say after all!


Beth said...

You had lots of fun stuff to read about and I loved it all...
Can you tell me where you got the red stars that look like they are on wire that you used on one of your tags ???? I LOVE THEM so much and want some !!!!!

kathywas said...

Hee, hee...I LOVED reading your "Top 10 Things Different from Last Week post". What a great idea! Hmmm...let's see, I've (1.) started to clean out my art studio. Not done yet (2). became more in debt! (3). started selling some of my unused art supplies on EBAY (4). sat up until all hours of the night trying to get swaps done!

I think that about covers it! LOVE your Christmas tags!! They look FANTASTIC!

Vera said...

your tags are so beautiful!