Monday, November 13, 2006

Felting & Sashiko

I think I'm in love with this new needle felting hobby. The class I took awhile back was for a wallhanging, but I liked it better as a pillow (not to mention the tree grew and grew until the house was out of proportion and needed words on the right to balance it all out.) But its my first try at needle felting, so I'm giving myself a break.

(Closeup of the felting. Not sure its clear?)

Now I'm looking around at Christmasy patterns I might want to try. Hillary's Stitchettes are just begging for a little felted sweater I'm sure. I might do that next.

I picked up The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook at the library the other day. I'm completely enamoured. Of course it says to use 'authentic Sashiko thread' which I have no clue where to get. I do see places online to buy but I don't have any experience with any of those companies so I'm a bit leary. If anyone has a supplier of this thread, I would love to know about it. Otherwise I might be illegally resorting to embroidery thread. It's an excellent book! I can't wait to try this! It's on my list of 'hobbies to try this winter' list.

DD #2 is complaining of a stomach ache, so I'm off to attend her. Hope it won't become our first bout of the flu. I don't think I'm ready for that?!


Loretta said...

Wow - that is so pretty! I had no idea you could do that with the roving. What is the base that it sticks to?

kathywas said...

Oooh, I love this pillow! I'm not familiar with needle felting. I followed your link, but I'm stil not sure of the process. What exactly is this? It looks like fun, and I love the result!