Monday, October 23, 2006


I was thinking today that i haven't really been 'collaging' lately. Seems funny to have a blog of 'Collage Contessa' and not have anything to show for it in forever. But I realize it may just be a metaphor for me. If you take all my parts, the old and new hobbies that interest me, my family & friends, my activities and everything else in between, you'd get a collaged view of my life. So maybe I'm a living collage. Or a mosaic. Probably a crazy quilt. hehe

I've had stuff sitting here to send to my secret sister (in a brown swap - ie: everything is brown) but could never find a brown container to put it all in. So I finally whipped one up tonight. I like it. Used an old fabric from who knows when, and lined it with already quilted fabric. Now I want to KEEP the bag, its so big!
(about 14X16") ha I hope she likes it.

Very excited about tomorrow evening. I'm heading to a class at the local Quilt Shop. My friend Trisha is coming with me as well. We're taking a Needle Felting class. It's going to be a blast! I bought all my needles and Roving Wool on eBay from a wonderful seller! I want to learn wool felting as well, but one thing at a time right now.

And just for future reference, a list of things I want to try this winter...
1 - Braided Rugs (I've been saving jeans for years and I picked up the tools needed a garage sale. I'm all set!)
2 - Silk Painting
3 - Paper making
4 - Making paper out of fabric (I've heard you can do this, but can't find instructions)
5 - Try making a Crazy Quilt Pillow (start small is the key)
6 - Art of Japanese Sashiko stitching
7 - Finish my year-in-review Album

(Can you tell I've been catching up on my taped episodes of 'Simply Quilting'? ha)

What do you want to do this winter for fun?

P.S. Post for Audrey and Kathy (in answer to your posts). I finally 'wuss-up'd' and watched Flightplan. There is just something about the way that Jodie Foster and her wide eye shocking looks in the previews kept me away from this movie. Watched it last night and it was wonderful. We watched it in my bedroom so I did a lot of blanket hiding in anticipation. You know, they play that spooky music and you just KNOW something is going to happen. It wasn't scary scary like Friday the 13th scary. Just suspense scary. I would recommend it to anyone. Of course it has Jodie Foster. You can't go wrong there. We also watched A MidSummer Nights Dream with Kevin Kline in it. DD had just gotten the 'No Fear Shakespeare' book from B&N and loved it. Those books are great. On one page they have traditional Shakespeare. The page across has it in plain english. Very user friendly. Actually made her want to read more. The movie had its moments of almost nudity (men holding clothing in front of themselves *eyeroll*) but other than that, great.


audrey said... whipped that bag up in one night...i am so jealous, i still haven't learned out to use a sewing machine. The bag is stunning and your secret sister is going to love it. Thanks for the info on the movie now i won't be afraid to watch it :o) oh, i will update my blog tomorrow and write how i made that one notecard. later.

kathywas said...

This brown bag is simply amazing! What a wonderful idea for enclosing all of your Secret Sister's items!! She is going to LOVE it!!

Trisha said...

Ummmm, I have the stuff to make paper in my basement (as opposed to the closet this time!)