Saturday, October 14, 2006

Random Saturday Thoughts...

(pic of dd)

Enjoyed a wonderful mexican dinner with dad last night who has finally pulled into town for good. Hoping mom can follow soon, praying for a fast house sale (need a house in Fayetteville, GA? I have just the house for you!) so she can come home again. We miss her. Dinner was yum. Best spinach/chicken enchiladas with white sauce I've ever met.

After dinner we headed to Barnes & Noble for a little friday night family book time. For me, I wander around with pilfered pen and paper in hand making lists. List of books for DD & I to read. Usually from the library. DD squirreled away with about 7 beauty and skateboarding magazines and stayed in the kids corner barely watching her sibling so us parents could wander. I don't usually have something set to look for. I find I wander and certain covers catch my eye. I think I'm a visual reader. The cover gets me hooked but the description has to keep me there. Who knows how many fabulous books I'm missing out on because they are housed in plain book wrappings. I also people watch. Or not-watch. With my head down 'looking' at books on lower shelves, I can sidle up to many people and hear the books they're discussing, the plans they're making, etc... Not that I'm an evesdropper. It usually happens naturally. I'm looking for a book, I go to that section and there they are, people gabbing. So I just take a bit more time to find the book I can plainly see on the shelf. Hey! It's my entertainment for the moment! So sue me!

I checked out the list of the few people who frequent my blog. DD and I had fun discovering there were 6 countries in the last week that came to it. I'm sure some were cyber-bots but some were from legitimate websites or other blogs. Found several blogs that list mine in their 'daily reading' or 'fun reading' lists. I feel so honored and don't know what I said or did to earn that distinction. But I love it. I can now pretend someone cares! *snort*

Getting ready to go try to fix my unruly hair and head to some thrift stores for a bit of 'me' time, and some shopping for DD. Shes grows so quickly, I'm not purchasing full price stuff most of the time. Besides, I might find more books I need or fabrics languishing on the shelves waiting for me. Who knows!

Off I go. Oh! If you're bored with me and want to see a REAL blog, go visit Ms. Pom. I always look forward to her ramblings. I always catch up on my 'Pom readings'. *Wink*

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audrey said...

You are too much :o) I love to see what you are up to and the cute pics like the one for this post of your daughter with the hat....darling.

I am the same with with book covers. That is what grabs me.....i also wonder how many fabulous books i pass over because the cover didn't catch my eye.