Friday, October 27, 2006

Happiness, Halloween & Felting

Do you ever have that feeling that full happiness if just over -------> there, if I could just reach it? I'm a pretty happy person, unless my DH or DDs get under my skin but sometimes.... I think I or we or some people let happiness stay just out of their reach, probably because they're afraid of what to do with it. I was talking to a friend once about chaos, and whatnot. We discussed how growing up his life was chaos, family fighting, not dealing with problems, just 'letting them slide' and that is how he sometimes deals with things now. I told him, maybe he lets it be that way because he is 'comfortable' with that because it is all he knows. (My classes in psych are peeking out aren't they. *wink*) I think I do this sometimes. Not clean my house when I know it would make me happier and things run smoother. Not lose weight when I know I'd feel better. Simple things like not dye my hair even though I would feel prettier with it red instead of grey. Dumb stuff. And the even harder thing is saying 'okay, I've had enough, I'm not slacking anymore, I'm going to do what I need to do.' Then time/life gets in the way and I backslide... I haven't found a cure for this yet...

I'm WAY TOO philosophical this late at night. Need to hit the hay. On to happier things.

Homeschool skating party today went well. The girls looked adorable. DD #2 went with yet another concoction of her own making (pajamas girl, complete with blankie and stuffed animal.) I'm sure glad I didn't shell out big bucks for a costume. DD #1 and friend went as 80's girls and were adorable! I can see me in my high school years, in my DD's face. Ahhh, those were the days.

Mrs. Pom
asked me to post pics of my felting project from my felting class. I also worked on a pin but it didn't turn out too well, even though some ladies (Lisa, Tonya and Trish) tried to help me salvage it during skating... I'll post felting project pics as soon as I feel comfortable with something I've made. Prepared to be amazed. Or to roll your eyes at me and go about your business.

Stay tuned...

Mom hits the friendly skies tomorrow and skids to a lovely halt here in KC. Can't wait to hug her! She is just here for a visit, but will be here permanently in 2 weeks. I'm in heaven!

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Micki W. Hill said...

Have fun with your Mom!!!!