Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I keep this mini galvanzied bucket on my desk. When I jot down a website to visit, a project idea to make, things to look up, books I want to order from the library, etc... I throw all those little papers in this bucket. I thought this was a wonderful idea because those little 'notes to self' kept piling up and getting all over my desk. When I have a moment I go through them all, look up the sites, order books, etc... I thought I would share links I've found lately that you might enjoy looking up when you have a 'free moment'.

Artsy Companies
9 ½ Design www.ellenikemotodesign.com
Piddleloop http://store.piddleloop.com/
Thimble www.thimble.ca (her Button of the Month club is the BEST deal! I bought it for my DD and plan to buy it for friends for Christmas! Go get your set! 6 months, $18.00!)
I Love Cute Things (Buttons) www.ilovecutethings.com
Truche www.trudesign.org (LOVE the new fall jewelry!)
Silver Faerie Designs www.silverfaeriedesigns.com (beautiful jewelry)
This is Swigg www.thisisswigg.com (drooling over everything, must have!)

Other Art Links
Art Institutes www.ArtInstitutes.edu/eg (my DD is looking at art schools)
Fabric Paints & other Arts http://www.pebeo-touch.com/#
Omni Gel www.houstonart.com
Art Catalog www.triarcoarts.com
Trace Products www.traceind.com

Five In A Row www.fiveinarow.com (based right here in my city, great books!)
Teacher Vision www.teachervision.com
States www.50states.com (great States/Capitals worksheets!)
School Express www.schoolexpress.com
Books & Beyond www.booksandbeyond.com
Vocabulary Puzzles www.vocabulary.com
Aesop’s Fables www.aesopfables.com
Thanksgiving www.kidsdomain.com/holiday/thanks/index.html
Plimoth www.plimoth.org
Holidays www.holidays.net
Reading Incentive Program www.bookadventure.org
Beautiful Feet Books www.bfbooks.com (Catalog of 'History Thru Literature' products)

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Vera said...

thanks for the links! Finding Thanksgiving activities was on my to do list this week!