Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The many faces of... my crazy family!

Halloween is over, well, in this house it is.

DD #2 and I hit the local church for their annual Fall Festival. I really think it is a big ministry they take on themselves. They have FREE dinner, games, candy and a 'maze' where each room tells a different story of the bible. It really is a good thing for the community. We love it.

DH and DD #1 decided to stay home and hand out candy. They are wacky and decked out in makeup and black clothing. Not sure what DD was supposed to be (but looks beautiful anyway), but DH went with a Rock Star, sort of, and later donned a Pirate hat for fun. Doesn't he look a bit like Johnny? hehe
DD #2, after much crying, hemming, hawwing, etc... agreed to be Pippy Longstocking. I'm so glad she did. She was wanting to be a fairy in a ripped, stained and very cold dress up costume. She looked much more adorable as Pippy.

How was your halloween? Don't forget to brush your teeth!


ParaCristo said...

thats not really me is it?

Contessa Kris said...

Yeah, you're scary dear...

Annette said...

Pirate or Ozzy? Scary for sure!