Friday, October 13, 2006

DD's Collages & Fabric Swap

Do you see that title up there? Collage Contessa? Well, I officially concede the title. My collages are dirty and random but most times they have an element of linear-ness to them. That is my analytical mind fighting my creative spirit. (You didn't know I could be so self searching this late at night did you?! ha)

I have trouble with the collages that include all manner of things all over. How do people think through that process, make it look fabulous AND know when to stop? I'm never sure of my collages when I'm done. Who knows why...

ANYWAY! I was talking about my DD. Maybe its the teenage-uninhibited-random mentality but she really has done some great collages for her room this week. She wants to frame some of them for above her bed... She always tells me she turns her mistakes into part of the art and I try to remember that when I make something. Here are a couple she made this week. They're about 14x14" and 14x16". They're even named; Delicate Impressionism (1st one) and Dental Exuberation Exploration (2nd one.) Aren't they great?

Oh, before you go, I am running another Fabric swap on Swap-Bot. Come join me!


audrey said...

Tell your DD that these are great and I am totally loving the titles for them.

Cynthia said...

Wow, she has quite an eye for art! Beautiful work!