Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Halloween & mom

We went to the fall festival at church on Friday. DD #2 had her pick of several costumes in the dress up box but she chose to mix and match her own creation. I think she looked adorable! For the next halloween party (Thursday) I believe she is choosing the pirate costume. Isn't life grand, to have so many choices at your disposal?!

DD #1 and her friend want to be 80's girls for the Thursday party. We looked up outfits online to get an idea of what she should look for when she went with said friend and DH to the thrift store today. She asked me what 'mall bangs' were and I was embarrassed to say I knew exactly what she meant. The 80's had some great things going for it, mall bangs and mullets were not some of them.

What you and your family going to be this year?

Mom is coming into town this weekend for her birthday (and moves here permanently to be with dad, in 2 weeks. YAY!) Happy Birthday mom. May all your days be young days filled with love, happiness and joy!

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