Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Shwonk Shwonk

I know I'm talking to myself, but I like to post here when I think of something, pretending you all are out there in blog-la-land laughing at, I mean WITH me...

Had the most fabulouso time at Needle Felting class tonight! This craft is so easy peasy! I just love new hobbies! I'll share my project as I get more of it done. I showed DH the project (interrupting his tv time *eyeroll*) . He showed minimal interest.
And then I said "Listen!"
*dead silence*
and then *shwonk shwonk shwonk shwonk shwonk* (sound of needle going in and out of the fabric and foam.)
"Can you sleep with that sound so I can felt while watching TV?"

Apparently he thinks not. I'm going to test that assumption tonight. hehe

For some reason I found this whole exchange extremely funny and can't believe I even asked him! ha

I was reading Pom's blog today and was so inspired, as usual. She was talking about doing art and others seeing it... (totally blog-quoting her here):

"It takes both guts and foolhardiness; a soft heart and a hard head; experience and innocence; rebellion and trust.

You need a thick skin to put your soul out there, whether you dance, sing, write, paint, sculpt, weave, garden, act, or play an instrument. It's much easier to remain quiet on the sidelines and keep to what is safe and known."

Don't you just want to hug another artist or something because of those inspiring words? Hugs to all, who put their souls out there for us to see. We SO appreciate your risk and creative spirits.

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