Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Church Time!

October is Pastor Appreciation Month in our Nazarene church. My mother 'volunteered' me to make cards (thanks mom!) However, she wanted poster size cards so church folks can sign each one or leave sentiments. I don't 'do' poster size cards. At least I couldn't wrap my head around an idea for those and I hate to make stuff that people will later throw away. So I came up with my own 'card'. (I have a thing for quote marks don't I? lol) Anyway, I made prayer or note journals and decorated the fronts of each with subtle differences according to their personalities or jobs... I drew and painted the churches, based on pics of old country churches. Each one if different. I am pretty pleased with them. They might've needed embellishments or possible ribbon to hold them closed? But all the pastors are men so it seemed too 'froo-froo' ish... kwim?

What are you working on this week for fun? I feel fall coming. I wanna make something felty!

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Anonymous said...

How have you been, girlfriend? OMG...these are INCREDIBLE!! You did an absolutely beautiful job with these, and I love, love, love your church drawings! I think that's what truly makes these so unique and inviting. I'm sure that the recipients are going to LOVE these!