Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Could J'ya Get Any Lazier??!

(pic taken by the teen in Rome, May 2010.)

So, I'm sporadic in posting. I've been enjoying my summer so far although I'm not doing nearly anything that I wanted to do except couponing, being with the kids, being their taxi, reading and computer surfing. Yeah, the glamorous life I always dreamed of. Lazy with a bit of driving, is what it really is. I plan to post everyday this summer even if its just a picture or a newsy post of nothing important. They say a habit can be formed if done for a whole month. We'll see how long I'm able to stick to it. Now... what's been going on lately?

Cooking - For some reason, in this heat I've been wanting to cook. Go figure. If you follow me on Facebook you've seen me link to some of the recipes I've tried. Others have ended up on my foodie blog. I think this new fascination is in direct correlation to having more time and having the teen clean the kitchen. What do you think? :) I think this week I'm going to make my own Sourdough Starter. Have you used one of those before? I love the smell (and taste) of fresh bread. This new cooking habit is wreaking havoc with my diet...

Couponing - This is a new venture for me and of course, I have a new blog to show for it! As most a lot of Americans, we're broke financially strapped half the time. We have bad habits of eating out and buying what we want. Thankfully we have no credit cards but we spend all we earn. I figured it was time to nip that in the bud. There are things I want to do like vacation, fix up our house, maybe even build on to it someday (or move!), pay off our newer car, save money for goodness sakes (not in that order of course)! It all starts with a budget, couponing and sticktoitiveness. I have a new couponing buddy too. An artist who also coupons! Could it get any better?!

Art - Two weeks ago we had a torrential downpour. And when I say torrential, I mean, so much water we had a lake in our backyard and one running down our street. So much rain that the ground couldn't soak it all up so it came up through the window wells and poured into our basement. Guess whose art room is in said basement? *raising hand* Guess whose storage of ebay items to sell is right under one window? *raising other hand* My wonderful husband spent the whole night running outside scooping out window wells to help keep the basement dry-ish. The first four hours he stayed outside practically. After that he went out every 10-20 minutes for the next 7 hours! He catnapped in between on a bed of towels on the floor since he was so muddy. No sense in changing. He is my hero. All this to say, I had to quickly move most of my art supplies away from the windows (shelves line the walls) and pile it all on tables, chairs, desk, anything that was UP. And today it still sits that way. I haven't had the gumption to do anything about it. So needless to say, I haven't done any art. I have ideas, but no want to reorganize. Plus it wasn't a neat room before the water came rolling in. I'll get to it I'm sure. Hopefully sooner than later. I have 2 altered books for the Altered Gypsy raven book swap to work on, several small projects I had started and I have a few things to make for the winners of the books (announcement tomorrow, so get in your last minute entry today!!!)

Girls - Crossing fingers, turning around three times and knocking on all the wood nearby... the kids have been doing the daily chores I lined out for them and will hopefully continue to do so.  We've tried to set up daily chores before. But chores are not a responsibility for the kids. It's really mom keeping after them to do what they're told everyday. "Yes, you have to do that before you go out to play/go to a friend's house/watch tv/go bike riding/read your book." I made them simple. The teen has to have the dishes washed and counters clean. The little one has to wash/dry/fold/put away 2 loads a day. Simple. This doesn't exempt them from other things like living room or bathroom cleaning when its needed. Oh, and I've heard the 'I'm doing everything, why aren't you doing anything?" Backtalk. Guess what that earned the child? An extra chore! I always challenge them: "go ahead and talk back and be smart. I have a whole list of extra chores that need doing. Go ahead, I dare ya!" lol Yes, I'm that mean.

Okay! Oh my goodness. Enough talking. No wonder I don't post everyday. I'm writing books here and its taking me 2 hours to do so! Talk to you soon. How's your summer?

I'll be back tomorrow with winners of the books and artwork from this post. Last chance to enter is now!


Lynda said...

Wow, it sounds like you've been a very busy lady! :) Coupons are awesome. I keep meaning to start paying attention to those bad boys. I loved hearing about how your hubs saved the day!

Shirley said...

Oh Kris,
I cringed when I read about the water in your art studio!! UGH! What a pain.

Sounds like your summer is going great with those chores for kids! LOL! I like how you're giving out more chores for backtalk...I'll have to try that one!

I'm on my way to check out your foodie blog now.


Lynda said...

Hello again! Thank you so much for following my new food blog! :) I really appreciate it!

Kristin said...

What a great post - hope you have a lazy summer (isn't that what they're for?) and fun with your art supplies once they find their way back home . . .
I love that birdcage piece so much BTW, Kristin xo