Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Plastic Years

The end is near.
I just know it.
My fingers are starting to feel all pruney.
The end of the time fondly known as the plastic years is coming to a screeching halt.

Once upon a time, a thrifty young maven (that's me for those not in the know) went to a yard sale. A Going-Out-Of-The-Church-Daycare-Business yard sale. Everything was marked off, discounted and had to go. I found the usual; fun toys for the kids, homeschool materials, things I could resell on Ebay, etc... 

And then, like they had a beacon of shining light on them, I saw 4 boxes. 4 ordinary boxes but plainly marked with what they were. I got semi-excited because I usually purchase the same said items in a smaller 50 piece package, every two weeks at the grocery store. But these were massive quantities. 2000 per box. 3 of one kind, 1 of another. I figured, expensive right? I got up the courage to ask (thinking I was crazy and what was I going to do with so many?) and found to my utter shock, they were $5 a box! 

Surely these at original purchase were around $40-50 a box. I tried not to hop up and down because by now, regardless of if I needed them, I WANTED them! Think of all the time they would save me? But, even though they were cheap cheap, me being the thrifty girl, had to talk them down. I offered a low-ball amount and they smiled and said SURE! I bought them for $2 a box! At this I do admit I slightly clapped my hands but I don't think they noticed. 

I stuffed them in my car before they could change their minds and drove home. Halfway home I started worrying and trying to figure out how to explain myself to the family who were going to roll their eyes and wonder what we would ever do with all those boxes of goodies? Well? Who's laughing now?! We are on our very last precious pieces of plastic forks (spoons disappeared long ago.) 

Someone better learn how to wash a dish, and it ain't going to be this savvy maven either...

NOTE: It's time for the book winners. Yes, I almost forgot again.  Here we go. I'm awarding all posters with a book because I only had 5 posters and I found an extra of one of the books. So see there? It pays to post! Everyone's a winner!
Shirley won 360 Degree Life
Karen won 360 Degree Life (had an extra)
Janelle won Bridegrooms
Trisha won The Last Christian
Joanie won Indivisible
Please send your addresses and I'll get them right out to you. Janelle, I have your address and haven't sent out your other win so I'll mail them together. Trisha, I'll give you yours when I next see you. :)


trisha too said...

You crack me up.

and Yay! A new book!


Kelly Warren said...

i adore this. :-) you are a woman after my own heart.

Mandy said... so funny...i am into saving the world and al, but seriously, i am a plastic cutlery buyer as wel....the kids take little packets of diced fruiy, sick of losing my good cutlery...what a great find...hi anyways, i am one from the artistic mothers group...looking forward to following your creative journey now that i've added you to my fav

Rhonda Langley said...

The only thing that surprises me about this information is that some of these plastic goodies did not end up on one of your collages!
Now ask me how many white labels I have from the recycling place. . .